Zetech University hackaton Zetech University on 18 th May 2024 hosted the inaugural edition of the Inter-University Power Learn Project Hackathon, an event dedicated to fostering young entrepreneurial and technological talents within universities. The competition saw participation from over 300 students across various Kenyan universities, focusing on innovative solutions that align with sustainable development goals.

Participants were challenged with three key themes: “Disrupting the Dialogue: Design the NextGen Social Platform/Inclusive Communication,” “Smart Cities for All: Hacking Solutions for a Sustainable Future,” and “Level-up Learning: Building Innovative Tools for All.” The event inspired students to develop cutting-edge technological solutions addressing global sustainability challenges.

Among the standout students was Zetech University’s Kevin Gitau and Moses Majengo, who,secured third place with their innovative project, AirSafi. This Internet of Things (IoT) solution is designed to monitor the air quality index, providing real-time notifications to locals and industries about air pollution levels. AirSafi aims to promote healthier living environments by enabling communities to take proactive measures against air pollution.

The competition showcased a diverse range of solutions addressing various sustainability challenges. The second-place accolade was awarded to a team that developed the Smart Sewage Monitoring System. This project focused on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sewage management through real-time monitoring and data analytics.

Taking the top prize was the SheSafe innovation, a groundbreaking solution aimed at combating financial fraud and theft in Kenya. SheSafe empowers individuals by providing crucial information based on real people's experiences, helping them navigate financial threats more effectively.

The Power Hackathon highlighted the incredible potential of young innovators to create impactful solutions for pressing global issues. Zetech University, through hosting this event, has reinforced its commitment to nurturing technological advancements and entrepreneurial skills among students, offering infrastructure such as the Zetech University Innovation (iZet) Hub. The success of Kevin Gitau and Moses Majengo with the AirSafi project exemplifies the university's dedication to promoting innovation for a sustainable future.

Hackathon stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals.