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Our School of ICT, Media & Engineering (SICTM&E) is innovative, dynamic and provides cutting-edge education in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Media, and Engineering. We admit students from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds, which provides a vibrant and eye-opening learning environment that is comprised of world-class facilities and competent faculty.

With a commitment to developing all-round, solution-oriented and competent professionals, the school integrates theory and practice to nurture students into trailblazers in their career paths and shapes them to impact the Communication, Technology and Engineering industries.

The School offers a wide range of market-driven programs ranging from Undergraduate, Diploma and Professional Certificates. The school is headed by a Dean, Dr. -Ing Wilfred G. Gikaru who works with a like-minded team of Heads of Departments and Program Leaders

Message from the Dean, School of ICT Media and Engineering

I am honored to serve as the Dean; the School of ICT Media& Engineering at Zetech University, where students are our priority. We are passionate about positioning the University as a regional technology hub that develops competent Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) professionals, Engineers and Media personalities that become change-makers in the industry both locally and globally.

I envision working with my team to develop a Centre of Excellence while imparting quality technical education and generating competent professionals with a high degree of credibility, integrity, and ethical standards.

To support the delivery of progressive programmes, the University has invested in modern computer laboratories, training software, engineering workshops, media editing suites and studios an e-library and highly qualified and experienced faculty that have both academic and industrial exposure. Additionally, students participate in boot camp training, hackathons, local & international apprenticeships and get mentorship and incubation of innovative ideas through the Zetech University Innovation Entrepreneurship and Technology Hub (iZET). This not only enhances their employability but also nurtures an entrepreneurial culture among the students and faculty.

Students, also get opportunities to take part in exhibitions where they showcase their projects, learn from peers and receive mentorship on the commercialisation of their innovations. These provide a platform for young researchers, innovators and incubates to advance innovative ideas and keep up with the dynamic technological trends.

I encourage students and faculty alike to keep up with the constantly changing world of technology to maintain competitiveness and relevance. Emerging issues such as Data Analytics; the Internet of Things (IoT); Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence; Cybersecurity; Cloud Computing; and the Gig Economy form the foundations of all the programs offered at Zetech University.

Zetech University’s School of ICTM&E is committed to growing its programme portfolio to include a Master of Science in IT and Innovations, a Master of Science in Computer Science and a PhD in Computer Science.

My team and I are excited to onboard motivated, creative, and out-of-the-box thinkers from all over the globe to join us on a journey to achieve their full potential and chart a fulfilling career.
We are passionate about student success, student access to higher education, mentorship and research.

As dean, I will continue to support Zetech University’s academic mission and values, as well as our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusive excellence. I invite you to visit us in person or explore our website and kickstart your career with us.

All the best,

Dr. -Ing Wilfred G. Gikaru
Dean, School of ICT, Media & Engineering.


The programmes offered under the Department of Business & Economics include:

1. Department of ICT & Engineering


Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Applied Physics
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering


Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Science in Information Technology
Diploma in Science in Computer Science
Diploma in Electrical Engineering


Certificate in Information Technology
Certificate in Electrical Engineering

2. Department of Media Arts and Design


Bachelor of Journalism Bachelor of Science in Media and Digital Communication


Diploma in Communication and Media Studies
Diploma in Film and Television Production


Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies
Certificate in Film and Television Production