1. When are your Intakes?
    Our intakes are in January, May and September.
  2. Do you offer scholarships?
    Yes, we do. We have sports scholarships for talented students in Football, Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, etc.
  3. Which courses do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate courses. Download our prospectus here
  4. Do you have hostels?
    Yes, the University has Hostels and has also partnered with several service providers to provide a variety of options to our students.https://www.zetech.ac.ke/accommodation/
  5. How can I apply online?
    Follow this link http://sajili.zetech.ac.ke/ where you will fill out a form then attach your scanned documents and our admissions team will get in touch with you within 24hrs.
  6. Do you help students get attachments?
    We have a students’ career services office that helps students secure available attachment opportunities. For more information check out this link https://ocs.zetech.ac.ke/
  7. What are the available modes of study?
    We offer full-time and online classes. For the online mode, classes can be either during the day or evening depending on the particular course.
  8. Where exactly are you located?
    We currently have 3 Campuses
    • Our Main campus is Mang’u Technology park locatednext to Mang’u High School.
    • Ruiru Campus along the Thika Super Highway
    • Nairobi City Campus is located in CBD on Moi Avenue at Stanbank Building and Pioneer Building.
  9. Zetech University is a private or public university?
    We are a private and chartered university in Kenya.
  10. Do you accept fee payments in installments?
    Yes, we do. We have a 40-40-20% fee payment policy where payment is done in the first second and third months respectively.
  11. Can I check my fee balance?
    Yes, you can check your fee balance on the student’s portal.zetech.ac.ke
  12. What is blended learning?
    This is the integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. The beauty about blended learning is that it allows for a wider learning experience that involves a combination of E learning, face to face interaction, self-study, and assignments.
  13. Who do I talk to if I have challenges learning online?
    You can get in touch with us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0714588863
  14. What are the advantages of blended learning?
    Blended learning allows for a wider learning experience that involves a combination of E-learning, Face to face learning, self-study and assignments. This means that:
    • The student improves their IT and collaborative skills;
    • The student also grows their information and knowledge acquisition skills;
    • The student grows their self-discipline and personal responsibility;
    • The student exposes themselves to additional research through online engagement;
    • The student enjoys a cost-saving approach to quality, affordable learning.
  15. How students are studying online and receiving notes?
    • Students will be engaging with their lecturers and getting notes through our Learning Management System (LMS) which is accessible through  https://elearning.zetech.ac.ke
    • The student will use assigned login credentials to access the site.
    • The mode of learning is interactive with active interaction between learners and lecturers via various tools such as blogs, videos, chats, discussion forums, real time videos etc.