By Christine Mutegi

Selecting the right university is a critical decision that lays the foundation of a career path. This in turn sets the pace for the achievement of career goals and the level of satisfaction in the world of work. An institution of higher learning is where knowledge is nurtured, dreams take flights to reality, skills are honed, and passions are turned to purpose.

Top of the go-to institutions of higher learning is Zetech University. Zetech is a leading technology and entrepreneurial university in Kenya that is committed to promoting excellence in education and research by integrating innovation and technology to impact society.

Abdallah FarajWe sat down with Abdallah Faraj Kipkoech to tell us why he chose Zetech and his experience so far.

He explained to us that he was motivated by member of the Board of Governors at Alliance High School, his alma mater, who knew the quality learning Zetech offered and how much every student who chose Zetech stood to gain. He thus chose to pursue a career in journalism and Zetech’s school of ICT, Media and Engineering.

His Zetech experience so far has met his expectations, with flexibility in fee payment, quality learning and resources, vibrant co-curricular engagements, timely completion of courses and great career prospects with links and mentorship by industry experts and a strong alumni network.

His favorite hangout spot is the Zetech green park that offers a serene and lush reading environment, and his most memorable moment is the campus hangout where various high caliber artists entertain students in an unforgettable night of fun and excitement.

Zetech University has unveiled its first Master of Business Administration (MBA) course in its sustained bid to develop market driven courses that are in line with the needs of the job market in various learning areas. The MBA is hoped to equip graduates with competencies in key areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation, finance and investment, business intelligence and analytics, human resource management, procurement and logistics, and strategic management. According to Vice-Chancellor Prof Njenga Munene, the MBA was developed following a high demand for a course that produces leaders who are change-makers in their areas of specialization in management. “Our institution has been on a steady “Our institution has been on a steady journey that has seen us grow from a diploma offering college to a fully commissioned degree offering University. This has given us a deep understanding ofhigher education and its market needs. Now that we have launched our MBA, we will begin working on our Ph.D. so that the chain is complete,” said Prof Njenga. The institution involved the commission for University Education (CUE), key industry players, and stakeholders from the inception to the launch of its MBA, to ensure that the MBA satisfies the current industry needs. Among these stakeholders are Samchi Group of companies, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and the Institute of Human Resource.

It was pomp and colour at Zetech University’s Thika Road Campus, as the institution launched its Service Charter. In the conviction that Zetech University was founded through God’s inspiration to serve the public as an educational institution, the University gave its solemn pledge to serve the public as expected in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and in line with our Core Values of Commitment to Excellence, Integrity, Customer Focus, Teamwork and Innovation. Lecturers and staff working at universities have a duty to efficiently serve students to facilitate smooth learning and quality installation of critical skills of problem-solving, the value of hard work, the importance of peace and harmony, and effective communication, among other skills. Speaking during the launch of the university’s Service Charter document, Prof. Munene maintained that quality service provision is intentional, not coincidental and that all staff should conform to the laid down policies to offer quality to all students. On its part, the University Management pledged to support staff in carrying out their duties effectively.

Zetech University has signed a pact with the University of Juba that will see both institutions collaborate in academic and research cooperation. The Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) comes after Prof. John Akec, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Juba returned a courtesy visit made by Prof. Njenga Munene, the Vice-Chancellor of Zetech University to explore the possible areas of collaboration between the two institutions Prof. John Akec, the Vice-Chancellor and Prof. Rev. Milton Lado, the Director of International Affairs at the University of Juba signed a pact with Zetech University that will see both institutions launch joint programs in Hospitality and Tourism among other mutually beneficial projects.

Zetech has held its first Disability Awareness day in an effort to encourage disability inclusivity and end stigma among students. Speaking during a disability awareness forum organized by Zetech University, education, humanitarian organizations representatives among other stakeholders rooted for inclusiveness of disabled persons in educational institutions and workplaces for them to feel being part of the nation builders. Zetech University Vice-Chancellor Professor Njenga Munene pointed out the need to continue supporting the local community by engaging in activities that help improve their status in the community. The University has been at the forefront in innovating solutions to help disabled persons live meaningful lives by implementing a disability mainstreaming policy that provides a framework for identifying and removing any structural, organizational, physical, and attitudinal barriers for persons with disabilities. “Zetech University is on a journey to becoming a disability-inclusive institution, where all students will be able to invent their future from a level playing field. One of our innovators, founder, and CEO TotoSci Holding limited; Anthony Muthungu invented the intelligent Alex cane to enhance convenience among visually impaired people. As an institution whose stronghold is ICT and innovation, we are on a journey to ensure that the University practices and facilities are not intentionally or involuntarily discriminatory, or present unnecessary barriers to students and staff.