The acceptable modes of fee payment are as follows. Click here to view the fee structure

  1. Direct deposits into the Zetech University ABSA Bank, A/C No. 2031653161, Barclays Plaza Branch.
  2. Zetech University MPESA Paybill number 303072, where the Account Number is your “Admission number e.g.,
  3. Zetech University DOES NOT accept personal cheques, cash or money orders.
  4. The amount of fees quoted in the fee structure is exclusive of the accommodation fee.

Financial Aid

We have a flexible and affordable fee payment schedule to help our students pay their fees on installments. Click here to access our fee payment schedule.


Fee Payment Schedule

All students have access to HELB loans Bursaries and Scholarships in order to help them access higher learning.

The Zetech University Fee Payment Schedule recognises that fees payment by students is critical to effective and efficient service delivery. Payment of fees is a pre-requisite to course commencement for both new and continuing students.

This schedule facilitates timely fee collection to ensure effective planning and development of the University as well as promote smooth operations within the institution.

The objective of this schedule is to provide clear guidelines to Students, Parents, Sponsors and other Stakeholders on a convenient fee payment mode, while striving to accommodate the diverse needs of our students.



Fees is payable in full before commencement of every semester, or in installments on special circumstances.

1.1 Payment by Installments

In the event of inability to pay fees in full before the start of the semester, the student shall be allowed to pay in installments. Under this mode, payment shall be done in three (3) installments as detailed below:

(a) First installment shall be paid before commencement of classes and shall be 40% of the total fee payable;

(b) Second installment of 40% of the total fee payable shall be paid in full before 5th of the second month of the semester.

(b) Second installment of 20% of the total fee payable shall be paid in full before 5th of the third month of the semester.



It is important to note that tuition fees payment is a student’s responsibility. If you are not paying the fees, it is still your responsibility to inform the Accounts Office through your sponsor/parent. If tuition fee payments are not made by the end of the 6th week of the semester, the University has the right to terminate your registration.

Such a student will have to pay full tuition fees and other applicable charges for the semester afresh upon readmission.

It is mandatory to include your admission number in all fees payments.

Acceptable modes of payment are Fee deposits or bank transfers made to the following Bank Accounts below:

Bank ABSA Bank Kenya
Account Name Zetech University
Account No 2031653161
Branch ABSA Plaza Corporate Services
Branch code 203


Paybill Number 303072 with your student Admission Number as your account number.


  • Cash or Personal Cheques will NOT be accepted.
  • Students are allowed to use Bankers Cheques
  • International Students pay 25% extra tuition fees
  • Prevailing foreign exchange rates will apply to international students
  • The university reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate any program, fee, course, admission requirement, mode of delivery or any other arrangement without prior notice.



Receipts for payment of tuition fees will be updated in the students’ portal within 24 hours.


  1. Fees Payment
    1. Full payment at the beginning of the semester or,
    2. Fee Payment Instalments are as follows:
      1. First Instalment of 40% on registration/reporting,
      2. The second installment of 40% by the 5thof the second month and
      3. Third and Final installment of 20% by the 5thof the third Month.
  2. All international students (Non-East African) to pay an additional of 25% above the Tuition fee indicated in this prospectus
  3. Kindly note that the university fee is subject to review from time to time as the University deems fit. Changes in fees are only applicable to new students and does not affect continuing students.
  4. Fees once paid not refundable