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zetech university partnershipsPartners for Care is an Atlanta-based 501 (C) 3 founded in 2008 with staff and operations in Kenya, Africa. We are a compassion-driven, faith based, nonprofit providing hope and health through sustainable solutions to the problems of poverty and disease. Our Kenya staff and programs are changing thousands of lives by eliminating needless suffering and death caused by preventable diseases – including malaria, HIV/AIDS, waterborne illnesses and malnutrition. Read more

zetech university partners mojatuMojaTu is an NGO that provides educational scholarships to children in need in developing countries. The organisation is in a partnership with Zetech University to sponsor financially disadvantaged students. So far, the firm has sponsored over 10 students pursuing different programmes at the University with plans to scale up the number of students sponsored in upcoming semesters.Through such collaborations, the Institution is able to provide quality education to thousands of Kenyans.

For more information visit their website here: https://mojatu.org/

zetech partners powermaxThe University entered into a partnership with Powermax Ltd aimed at bridging the gap between university training and market expectations through provision of attachment and internship opportunities to Zetech students. The firm, a subsidiary of Backmart Group, absorbs Zetech students to undertake technology and engineering-based roles in their different stations across the Country.

zetech university partners specific talentFocused on empowering youth in Kenya, Specific Talent signed an MOU with Zetech University to provide students with internship and employment opportunities at their establishments located in different parts of the country. Through this collaboration, students from different schools and faculties will join the firm’s 500 employees, will gain work experience through Specific Talent’s extensive network all over Kenya.

zetech university kenya prisonsIn a bid to enhance the rehabilitation of inmates, the Kenya Prisons Service signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NGO Partners for care and Zetech University to provide education training to inmates in different recreational facilities across the Country.

This development comes amid plans by the Interior Ministry to convert the Kenyan prisons into a state corporation, a step which will require the necessary IT skills for every area of specialization. The MOU, signed by the Nairobi Regional Commander Wairimu Thang’ate (HSC), Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene and Partners for Care Executive Director Samuel Wanjau, has seen the NGO provide equipment including computers and additional resources while Zetech provides training and certification.


For more information visit their website here: Kenya Prisons Service

zetech partners kaka empireZetech University’s partnership with entertainment outfit Kaka Empire has been a major boost to students studying Art, music production and business programmes. The mentorship and network offered through the cooperation has helped students identify and exploit their talents to enable them earn a living and thrive in self-employment.

Kaka Empire is headed by influential musician Kennedy Ombima commonly identified by his stage moniker “King Kaka” who serves as the firm’s CEO. His music label was roped in by the University back in the year 2016 and the partnership is active to date.

This partnership has seen the institution leverage on opportunities for students in the areas of entrepreneurship and talent development and has played a role in encouraging them to dream big.

zetech partnes ibmIn response to the demands of technology and education, the University entered a partnership with multinational IT firm IBM to build capacity and skills set among students. Through this collaboration, students, faculty and the community access interactive learning opportunities to develop skills in emerging technologies.

The partnership has seen the establishment of an IBM Skills Academy in the Zetech student and faculty fraternity where trainees will be trained to use advanced computing technologies to address local and national challenges. The Skills lab, an Academic Technical Certification Program for universities, also assist students to prepare for a rewarding career in IT.

To learn more about the firm, visit IBM

zetech partners kncciThe University signed a deal with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kiambu) to enhance capacity building among the youth. The firms signed an MOU with the aim of developing skilled and innovative workforce for the industry.

The collaboration was informed by a needs assessment study conducted by the University that pointed out the need of providing continuity in governance in public and private sector reforms, which must be spearheaded by progressive human capital, in line with Vision 2030.

The partnership provides internship opportunities for students; additionally, it has built the Varsity’s research efforts by engaging students to assess gaps in businesses founded in Kiambu County.

To learn more about the firm, visit Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

zetech partners sameerThe University has collaborated with Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Ltd to provide opportunities for students to gain experience of the job market. As Zetech trains students through teaching and employability engagements for the job market, a strong and diverse collaboration with the community is being developed.

To learn more about the firm, visit Sameer Group

zetech partners samchiIn an effort to bridge the gap between academia and industry, the University has partnered with Samchi Group to provide internship and employment opportunities to students. The collaboration will see the institution leverage on Samchi’s large distribution network and provide students with exposure in different areas including hospitality, business, and technology.

The MOU is aiding University to achieve its vision through pairing academic knowledge and practical experience while preparing qualified manpower in the different industries. Additionally, students will benefit from regular public lecturers and engagement with Ms Muchemi.

For more information visit: Samchi

zetech huaweiZetech University signed an MOU with Huawei Technologies to become a Huawei Authorized Information Network Academy (HAINA), in line with the Varsity’s efforts to prepare graduates for the employment and entrepreneurial market.

The two firms signed an MOU in 2018 and partnered with the Government of Kenya to provide students with an exhilarating IT experience.

This has resulted in:

  • The University trained over 400 Kenyans in the Presidential Digitalent Training programme to equip them with digital literacy skills for employment and business.
  • Zetech recognised as the Best Huawei ICT Academy and lecturer Samuel Kinuthia rewarded for as the Best Lecturer in Kenya, in 2018.
  • Our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student Kennedy Muthaura was the top student in Kenya in the Huawei ICT 2018-2019 Southern Africa Competition.
  • He thereafter joined about 30000 students in the African edition in South Africa, emerging second in the contest.
  • The partnership has grown through investment in training resources, including a sh5M investment by the tech firm to enhance the faculty of ICT.

You can learn more about the firm here