Zetech University Mental To prioritise mental health and well-being, Zetech University hosted an educational and empowering event on 24 th May 2024 in recognition of Mental Awareness Month, to raise awareness and promote mental wellness among students and staff.

The event which took place at Zetech University Annex grounds, included numerous activities to foster understanding and support for mental health issues. The guest speakers invited included professionals in the mental health field; Prof. Peter Kibas, Dean School of Business, Zetech University; Ms Lucy Kangethe, Counselling Psychologist and CEO and Founder of Flourishing Mindset Consulting, Mr. Kagondu Jnr, Transformational Coach Founder of Mind Care Africa and Ms Wilkister Juma, Lead Counselling psychologist, Zetech University.

These renowned experts and mental health professionals delivered informative talks on various aspects of mental health awareness including; stress management, anxiety, stigma associated with mental issues, depression, support systems, and therapy. Attendees were able to learn from experts and gain valuable insights into maintaining mental well-being.

Interactive sessions and engaging activities were organised throughout the day to encourage participation and discussion. From group discussions and peer support circles to mindfulness exercises and art therapy workshops, there was something for everyone to get involved in and contribute to the conversation surrounding mental health. The event also provided access to information, support services, and resources related to mental health and well-being.Representatives from the counselling office were on hand to offer guidance, answer questions,and connect attendees with valuable resources.

As mental health continues to be a pressing concern worldwide, initiatives like Zetech University's Mental Awareness Day play a crucial role in raising awareness, reducing stigma,and promoting positive mental well-being. By providing education, support, and resources, the university aims to empower individuals to prioritise their mental health and seek help when needed.

The event saw an impactful experience, bringing together the university community to shine a spotlight on mental health and bring out the importance of taking care of oneself and others.With a shared commitment to promoting mental wellness, Zetech University is leading the way in fostering a campus culture that values and prioritises mental health.