ASIA, BENGALURU, INDIATechnological transformation has a serious impact on the education space. Zetech University has harnessed these aspects of technologies and made them a key component of their training.

As digitalisation spreads in education, it is vital to understand its relation to student engagement.Zetech University in partnership with Christ University in Bengaluru, India, has offered students a one-week academic exchange program from 10 th March 2024 to 17 th March 2024 to learn innovation technologies from Bengaluru which is known as the Silicon Valley of Asia also referred to as the Tech City of India.

During the flagging of the first cohort of this exchange program, Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene noted that six students will be heading to India. “This inaugural international academic trip is a demonstration of our commitment to ensure that our students are globally competitive. It also contributes to students’ experience, giving them a niche in driving innovation, a tech-future and the creation of digital jobs.” The Vice Chancellor remarked.

The students will be given an opportunity to attend lecture sessions by the faculty from Christ University and also gain tech insights from Industry experts from India. They will also get a chance to visit companies, an outlook of community development projects by NGOs in India and among others, visits to cultural centres.

The Exchange Program will benefit the students with international exposure gaining globally competitive skills advantage, hands-on learning tech-experience delivered by Industry experts, enhanced social skills and self-confidence, creating life-long memories, and an exquisite experience in Indian hospitality. This will in effect enrich their curriculum and enhance the academic performance of the students – giving them an innovative mindset.

There are various educational benefits accrued from digitalisation and innovative technology.With the visit to the Silicon Valley of Asia, Zetech University aims to create a world for students to seek innovative technologies for a better digital future.