ZETECH UNIVERSITY AND LOYOLA UNIVERSITYYesterday, Zetech University hosted a group of staff and MBA students from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California at the Technology Park, Mang’u Campus.

As part of the University’s student experience towards a Global Student Exchange Programme,to enhance our students' global competitiveness, and prepare them for both local and international market dynamics, the immersion session with Loyola Marymount University will offer continued partnership in achieving this goal.

Prof. Gitau Kamau, MBA Coordinator & Chairman of Business Incubation, Dr. Catherine Chege and Dr. Beauttah Mwangi, Mang’u Campus Director welcomed the team from Loyola Marymount University to Zetech University.

On behalf of the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Ms Esther Mwangi took the guests through the programs offered at the institution, including student activities, achievements in robotics, AI, and carbon emission solutions, and projects supported by the iZet Hub.

The Loyola Marymount University team, led by Dr. Dayle Smith, Dr. Kelly Watson and Ellen Esten, shared insights with Zetech University students on the iBESCC (International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition) - a hybrid competition held online on a chosen business problem, an analysis of the ethical, sustainable, legal and financial aspects and/or viable solutions on all fronts. Dr. Smith suggested a similar competition between the Loyola Marymount students and Zetech students.

They also shared insights on sustainable courses, suited to churn the student to contribute better to society in the people first, planet then profit later model. They are also keen on collaborative courses done as group projects for the common good, with MBA students ranging in diverse fields from sociology, health, engineering to business to share their perspectives.

The two teams had an interactive session and discussed the Kenya business landscape at a glance. The session also offered an opportunity for our faculty and students to network and share best practices in businesses.