May 2018… Varsity Students have been called on to position themselves for the market by coming up with innovative ways of learning and engage with faculty to revolutionize the learning experience in Kenya, during the Zetech University international research conference. The event saw scholars discuss the need to promote innovation in business, IT and entrepreneurship.

The research, a first of its kind at the University, was organised in collaboration with Research Acies Publications and highlights the commitment of the University to expand its research and extensions portfolio to ensure learners benefit from a rich campus experience.

Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene noted that research plays a significant role in developing effective academic systems, driving the University’s plans to establish research-based training for students and faculty experience,

“Ideas bring people together. Our first research conference created a platform for the exchange of ideas that address the critical role innovation plays in advancing education, IT and business.” said Prof. Munene. He further called on the scholars to ensure their research findings develop into practical solutions for the country and urged students to think differently so as to make the most of the university education.

Furthermore, the two day conference addressed challenges in the area of research and collaboration, with participants reflecting on issues such as inadequate funding and infrastructure for research and the need to generate findings that can influence policy and inform national decisions.

Commenting on the way forward from the research session, Prof. Alice Njuguna, DVC, Academics, Research and Extension at Zetech University highlighted the need to bridge the gap between varsities and governing bodies in the country, especially in the area of education, innovation and research. “It is important that varsities collaborate with entities such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of ICT, CUE and institutions such as KEMRI to promote innovation in research and promote patenting of ideas birthed by Kenyan researchers.” Prof. Njuguna said.

In his key note address titled Promoting Entrepreneurial Innovation in Kenya’s Higher Learning Institutions, JKUAT Professor Henry Bwisa addressed the need to enforce the application of better solutions to solving existing problems, as well as promote students and faculty innovation. He highlighted that few university dons engage in research and a small number of researchers’ commercialize their output, calling on the scholars to seek partnerships that can ensure their findings bear fruit.

The conference ended on a high note with the organisers highlighting that the objectives had been met, researches had networked successfully and ideas were exchanged; participants were also charged to engage county and country leaders to use their research findings to grow industry.