Zetech University AI Zetech University took a bold step into the future by hosting a public lecture themed "Build with Artificial Intelligence (AI)" at the Thika Road Campus Auditorium on May 9, 2024. The event was a platform to explore the transforming potential of AI across various industries and its implications for future development.

The lecture attracted a diverse audience of Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC), a group of technology enthusiasts eager to be creatives of AI and its applications in today's world. The teams present were GDSC Zetech University, GDSC St. Paul’s University, and GDSC Kenyatta University.

Leading the theme of the day was Ms. Marjan Hussein, an AI Engineer from Multimedia University. Ms. Marjan started the lecture by providing an overview of AI and its Important concepts. She mentioned the quick growth of AI models and took the GDSC member through Google's advanced AI technologies.

The event explored the Gemini Generative AI models, particularly the two types of Gemini models, the Gemini Pro Vision and Gemini API. "AI has the potential to change every aspect of our lives to the best version," she remarked. She stated that Gemini API is a platform for building AI applications that involve text and image generation. Students engaged in interactive sessions and coding exercises using Python, a high-level, general-purpose programming language known for being adaptable or easily suited for various tasks or purposes. "If you want to be successful in AI, always practice ethical coding," She urged, "Don't fall for the temptation of using the skill to hack and join the world of cybercrimes."

In the quest to equip students with the best technology and innovation skills, Zetech University cooperated with DROID and sponsored the students with JetBrains vouchers. Droid is a company that makes software for Android and JetBrains is one of its cutting-edge software vendors that specializes in the creation of intelligent development tools. This gave students access to professional tools that would enhance their learning experience.

As the lecture concluded, attendees left with a renewed sense of excitement and curiosity about the possibilities of AI. Equipped with knowledge and inspiration to start their journeys of exploring and discovering the future AI is bringing to technology and innovation.