COMMUNITY HEALTHIn a ground-breaking initiative aimed at enhancing community health and well-being, Zetech University partnered with the County Government of Kiambu, PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, and the Christian Blind Mission, for a transformative Eye Medical Clinic on May 2 nd , 2024, at the Zetech University Technology Park, Mang’u Campus.

This collaborative effort extended vital eye screening services to over 1000 individuals residing in the Weiteithie area. Recognizing the pressing need for accessible eye care, particularly in underserved communities, to bridge the gap between demand and access to quality eye health services.

Christian Blind Mission's 'Vision Impact Project,' statistics underscore the urgency of such interventions. Despite 7.5 million Kenyans requiring eye care services, only a fraction, approximately 1.6 million, can avail themselves for these crucial services. The initiative acknowledges systemic challenges, including workforce shortages, limited infrastructure, and inadequate financing, which have historically marginalized those in need of eye care.

At the heart of this initiative is Zetech University's commitment to community welfare. Speaking on behalf of the institution, Prof. Alice Njuguna, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing community health needs. “Through free consultations and screenings, Zetech University, alongside its partners, aims to empower individuals with knowledge and access to essential eye care services.” She noted. She further appealed for a quick resolution to the ongoing healthcare workers stalemate to allow them continue delivering the much-needed healthcare services within the communities.

Ms. Anne Mwangi, Sub-County Community Health Focal Person, shed light on the multifaceted causes of eye problems, ranging from environmental factors such as dust to lifestyle choices such as overusing electronic gadgets. The initiative prioritises preventative measures, advocating for healthy habits such as minimising screen time and avoiding alcohol consumption. With a particular focus on Gen Z, the initiative recognises the impact of digital lifestyles, and online gig work on eye health and emphasizes the importance of balance.

Beyond the immediate clinic, Zetech University reaffirms its commitment to sustainable community engagement. The University's long-term strategic plan mirrors the BETA (Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda) commitment, aligning with the Kenya Health Policy 2014-2030 with an ambitious goal to start offering healthcare programmes and establish community hospital within the institution, aiming for the highest standards of health in the country. This collaborative effort exemplifies the university's dedication to leveraging partnerships for the greater good. By fostering health awareness and providing tangible services, Zetech University and partners envision a healthier, more prosperous future for all.