Program Goal

This programme offers training to equip students with the ability to address the emerging gaps within the discourse of International Relations & Diplomacy as a field of study that is valuable to understanding relations between the various actors in international system. This premier programme will empower learners to address not only the classical epistemological foundations of International Relations (IR) & Diplomacy as a discipline within the realms of Political Science but will fundamentally look at the contemporary and emerging sub-fields in the industry.

With increase in internationalisation of the world, it is important that we have professionals trained in to fill the skills gap in the market.

Career Opportunities

  • Diplomat
  • Government Social Research Officer
  • Public Affairs Consultant
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Political Analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Communication Expert for NGOs and Government

Programme Goals

  • Equip graduates with sound knowledge of the International Relations & Diplomacy as a field of study and practice
  • Produce undergraduates who have a deep knowledge of the subject as well as ability to analyse any situation and draw out appropriate and relevant conclusions
  • Empower learners to establish and develop a viable and forceful link between theory/concepts and practice in the field for its proper implementation and utilisation by the students, scholars, policy-makers and planners.
  • Prepare undergraduates and practitioners for further studies in the field of international relations & diplomacy.
  • Enable graduates to offer guidance on various policy propositions within Africa and beyond.

Duration of the programme

  • Four (4) academic years (Eight semesters).

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Holder of KCSE certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+
  • Minimum of C+ in English or Kiswahili and Either Geography, History, Social Studies, CRE, or Business Studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquaint students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of key issues in International Relations and Diplomacy studies
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and on-line on issues relating to International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Effectively serve on national, regional and international sectors as International Relations and Diplomacy experts
  • Apply theories of international relations to world foreign affairs and research
  • Gain Knowledge to serve in both governmental and non-governmental institutions


YEAR 1 SEMESTER 1            

  • BCU 100    Communication Skills        
  • BCU 101    Introduction To Computer Studies and Internet        
  • BCU 102    Health And Wellness Management        
  • BIRD 100    Introduction To International Relations        
  • BIRD 101    Basic Concepts In Government       

YEAR 1 SEMESTER 2            
CORE UNITS         

  • BIRD 102    Introduction To Diplomacy        
  • BIRD 103    Introduction To Theories Of International Relations        
  • BIRD 104    Introduction To Peace & Conflict        
  • BIRD 105    International Organizations        
  • BIRD 106    Introduction To Strategic Studies                   

YEAR 2 SEMESTER 1            
CORE UNITS          

  • BIRD 200    Multi-Cultural Communication        
  • BIRD 201    Foreign Relations        
  • BIRD 203    Major Themes In Africa International Relations        
  • BIRD 204    Post-Colonial Conflicts In Africa

YEAR 2 SEMESTER 2            
CORE UNITS            

  • BIRD 205    Introduction To International Law        
  • BIRD 206    Geo-Political Structure Of The World        
  • BIRD 207    Africa & Contemporary World Order        
  • BIRD 208A    International relation in n21st century        
  • BIRD 209    Civil Right And Moot Court        
  • BIRD 210    Simulations 

YEAR 3 SEMESTER 1            
CORE UNITS          

  • BCU 320    Research Methods        
  • BFR 101    Beginners French 1        
  • BIRD 301    Kenyan Foreign Policy        
  • BIRD 302    International Economic Relations        
  • BIRD 303    Gender & International Relations        
  • BIRD 309A    Global diplomacy seminar                   

YEAR 3  SEMESTER 2            
CORE UNITS          

  • BFR 102    Beginners French 11        
  • BIRD 304.    REFUGEE STUDIES        
  • BIRD 305    Methods And Practice Of Diplomacy        
  • BIRD 310    Post-Modernism In International Relations        
  • BIRD 311    Religious Fundamentalism                   

YEAR 4 SEMESTER 1            
CORE UNITS          

  • BFR 201    Intermediate French 1        
  • BIRD 401    Negotiation & Arbitration        
  • BIRD 402    Terrorism & Militia Politics        
  • BIRD 403    Foreign Policy Of The Major Powers-G8        
  • BIRD 409    Ethical Issues In International Relations                   

YEAR 4  SEMESTER 2            
CORE UNITS           

  • BCU 410    Entrepreneurship and Innovation        
  • BIRD 405    Trends In Diplomatic Relations        
  • BIRD 406    Globalization & International Relations        
  • BIRD 407    Research Project        
  • BIRD 408    Strategic & National Security Studies        
  • BIRD 411    Regional Integration In Africa        
  • BIRD 412.    The politics of multi-corperation       

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