Zetech has held its first Disability Awareness day in an effort to encourage disability inclusivity and end stigma among students. Speaking during a disability awareness forum organized by Zetech University, education, humanitarian organizations representatives among other stakeholders rooted for inclusiveness of disabled persons in educational institutions and workplaces for them to feel being part of the nation builders. Zetech University Vice-Chancellor Professor Njenga Munene pointed out the need to continue supporting the local community by engaging in activities that help improve their status in the community. The University has been at the forefront in innovating solutions to help disabled persons live meaningful lives by implementing a disability mainstreaming policy that provides a framework for identifying and removing any structural, organizational, physical, and attitudinal barriers for persons with disabilities. “Zetech University is on a journey to becoming a disability-inclusive institution, where all students will be able to invent their future from a level playing field. One of our innovators, founder, and CEO TotoSci Holding limited; Anthony Muthungu invented the intelligent Alex cane to enhance convenience among visually impaired people. As an institution whose stronghold is ICT and innovation, we are on a journey to ensure that the University practices and facilities are not intentionally or involuntarily discriminatory, or present unnecessary barriers to students and staff.