Zetech University Drama and Music Club

Acknowledging the role of art and culture in the world, Zetech has one of Kenya’s best Drama and Music Club, dubbed Zetech Furnace, that provides gifted students with a great platform to nurture their artistic talents in regional and national competitions.

The Furnace Fraternity is a national force that has consistently participated and excelled in the National Music and Drama Festivals – Universities and Colleges categories- winning numerous trophies and taking home awards for their consistent efforts and commitment.

In April 2016, Zetech Furnace impressed, garnering an impressive 17 points to emerge the overall best during the 56th Kenya National Music Festivals beating seasoned competitors in the university category.

The University secured the number one spot in five categories and received over 40 certificates in the special awards category. Meanwhile, in 2014, the team scooped a total of 13 trophies in various categories at the national level.

Away from national festivals, the Club also participates in performances across the Country every year and as a result of their prowess, the prolific team has performed for the President and other government officials at State House.

This demonstrates the numerous opportunities one can explore in the area of art and music at Zetech University. This propelled the varsity to develop an active Arts, Poetry and Music Club to nurture artistic talent and grow students’ skills in these areas.

If you register as a student at Zetech University, you will enjoy an opportunity to be a part of an amazing team of talented artists and musicians.