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One on One with Student President Duncan Owino

Last week, we sat down with the newly elected Zetech University Students Association (ZUSA) Chairperson Duncan Owino Oluoch. The passionate leader studying finance shared his plans for his comrades and his leadership journey.

ZU: How was your experience running for the top seat?
Duncan: It was great because I had already decided to open a new chapter of leadership in one of the leading private universities in Kenya; I believed that I would handle the election wisely and tactfully, and I did.

ZU: Why do you think students elected you?
DUNCAN: I believe I was elected because I managed to convince students that I have the potential to lead them. My ambition of making Zetech University a paradise of excellence contributed to my victory.

ZU: What is your vision for the student fraternity as ZUSA Chairperson?
DUNCAN: My vision is to serve the Zetech students with all my heart, mind and soul as well as establish a legacy that will be forever remembered as I lead a great family of students.

ZU: Have you held any other leadership posts?
DUNCAN: Yes. I was a class prefect in primary school and deputy head boy in high school. Prior to my election, I was a class representative for three semesters, a member of ZUSA Parliament for one semester and the Chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee in ZUSA Parliament.

ZU: According to you, what defines a great leader?
DUNCAN: A leader is defined by his or her character which is discovered not only during the time for ease and comfort but also standing by the right thing even when things are difficult.

ZU: What can the University expect from you?
DUNCAN: The University can expect maximum service delivery in adherence to Zetech University rules and regulations, the Zetech Constitution and Constitution of the Republic of Kenya. I am ready to give my best to students as we work together in one of the most beautiful university campuses in Kenya.

ZU: Apart from studies and your post, how else do you spend your time?
DUNCAN: Apart from studies and leadership engagements, I spend time practicing in the church choir and doing business.

ZU: Final word?
DUNCAN: I wish to thank the students for giving me a chance to lead them. I promise all the students exceptional service delivery and encourage them to continue supporting their leaders.

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