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One on One with Nelson Mandela

In this edition, we catch up with Nelson Mandela Nandi, a young entrepreneur who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in purchasing and supply chain management under Government-sponsorship. The outgoing student is grateful to Zetech for securing an attachment opportunity for him, where he was absorbed as an employee,

ZU: Which high school were you in?
Dirk Allison GSM Secondary School in Siaya County.

ZU: How did you learn about Zetech?
I made a decision to join the University in May 2017 after seeing adverts as well as students testimonials. I was convinced that Zetech is the best University to help me invent my future.

ZU: Apart from your studies, what other activities do you engage in?
I am an active member of Zetech Christian Union, founder of men’s Hostel fellowship and the head of the ZECU Evangelism team. Also, I have served in the Zetech Procurement Students Association.

ZU: Are you on scholarship and has it been significant?
I’m grateful to the Government for financing my academics through sponsorship and HELB. It is still significant as I enjoy blended learning which has enabled me to work as I progress with my studies. So far, the training provided by Zetech has enabled me to apply what I’ve been learning in the field at Tunit Car Centre in Nairobi, where the University helped me secure an attachment opportunity.

ZU: What do you pride in at Zetech?
I love how passionate the staff is when it comes to impacting knowledge to students. They are open, friendly, and committed to building students into successful citizens.

ZU: Future plans?
In the coming years, I am optimistic to graduate with first-class honours, then pursue a Master’s degree, then a Ph.D. I am also passionate to create business opportunities in the commercial and transport industries as well as impact lives in the community.

ZU: Parting shot?
I wish to pass sincere gratitude to Zetech for securing a place of attachment for me. Currently, I have been absorbed and I am working at the same place. To my fellow students, enjoy inventing your future at Zetech.

Compiled by Felix Ochwal

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