Zetech Receives Government sponsored students in Style

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  • May 23, 2017

They were all smiles as they found their way to the ultramodern auditorium at the Zetech University Thika Road Campus. The new learners appeared calm as they eagerly awaited various department heads to engage them on all matters relating their new home.

The opportunity to start their higher education to them served as a step that would mark a journey in inventing their future and realizing their dreams.

The University registrar Moses Maina gave his remarks, noting how excited the management and Zetech fraternity is to admit the second batch of government sponsored students. He congratulated the students for their performance in KCSE and urged them to be careful in collaborating with their new campus mates.

“It is my pleasure to join the rest in welcoming you. Welcome to Zetech University, where we train students to invent their future. I challenge you to work towards being an agent of change. However, I caution you to flee from associations which will divert your focus. Engage in activities which foster positive growth. By doing this you won’t be a loss as the government has heavily invested in you.” Mr. Maina added.

On her part, the Dean of students, Elizabeth Muhia joined the registrar in welcoming the trainees, using the opportunity to advise them to actively engage in clubs and societies as this would make them all rounded students. She further cautioned them against indiscipline, emphasising that Zetech does not tolerate indecent behavior such as drug abuse and violence.

“Welcome to Zetech. As from today, I am your mother.” said Madam Muhia, with a broad smile on her face. “I encourage you to find a club and join as this will greatly expand your way of thinking. Learn to balance academics and co curricular activities.”

The students also received information on administrative functions, exams processes, and payment of fees from respective offices, as they snacked on delicious as the session concluded and they were officially incorporated as part of the fraternity.

Indeed, the varsity lauds the government for creating the opportunity for Kenyans to access quality education and for allowing Zetech to be a part of the significant programme.

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