Varsity Students Inspired in Najiamini Concert

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  • May 23, 2017

Zetech University students were treated to a thrilling concert at the main campus auditorium courtesy of the Champs Foundation, headed by celebrated Radio presenter Mwende Macharia.

The beautiful Saturday morning saw students and their friends gather at the venue to interact and enjoy entertainment from a list of popular gospel musicians eager to inspire the young minds, in the event christened Najijua Najiami (I know myself, I believe in myself.)

The heart of the session was to inspire young people in the country to embrace the right attitude in how they approach life and provide them with experiences that will encourage them to follow their dreams.

Sharing her reason for empowering the youth, Founder Mwende Macharia said, “ I started The Champs Foundation in 2015 to inspire the young people to believe in themselves; the initiative is close to my heart and I am grateful to Zetech University for allowing me and my team of artists to visit and inspire the students.”

The entertainment-packed event saw students welcome artists such as hit maker Bahati, hip hop artist Holy Dave, who is pursuing his PhD at a young age, Simon Peter aka Hope Kid, who took time to speak about purpose and focus, before treating the audience to their latest hits. Gospel unit Kelele Takatifu and artist Mr. Seed also performed at the concert.

In addition, popular Kiss Fm Radio host Adelle Onyango graced the event and interacted with the ardent trainees, sharing her life story that she believed would serve to motivate the students to effectively use the resources available to make a difference in society.

The varsity Dean of Students Elizabeth Muhia expressed the institution’s gratitude to Ms Macharia and her team, noting that it is important or students to learn from young people who have excelled in different fields and are using their platforms to inspire others,
“I am proud of the Champs Foundation team for taking time to challenge our students and to show them that young people play a key role in the overall progress of the country, in their different areas of expertise.”

One student Junior Gitau, who is a budding photographer, was appreciative of the forum sharing that he feels more inspired to grow his talent and use it to not only generate wealth, but to make a difference. On his part, media student Kennedy Mugo learnt that one must grab opportunities and overcome failures to succeed in life.

The show saw students network with the talented visitors even as the cheered them on, in the Saturday afternoon heat. Indeed, the varsity is focused on building holistic graduates who will make an impact in Kenya and beyond.

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