Varsity Students enjoy exhilarating Sports Day

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  • October 17, 2017

The Zetech fraternity enjoyed a thrilling session this past Friday at the September semester Sports Day, hosted at the KCB grounds. Students gathered on the field in hundreds to plunge into a session of action, fun and entertainment while using the day to bond with their peers during event that is held every semester.

The exhilarating session kicked off in the early hours of the morning as teams taking part in different sports started preparing for an epic showdown against their opponents. The varsity Sports Coordinator Alfred Muli and his team were on site to ensure the programme, emceed by students, would run smoothly and everyone would have a great time.

During the Friday action, students from all campuses took part in the different array of sports including football, basketball, rugby and athletics that covered the field games. Meanwhile, other students settled into the indoor games area to play board games including scrabble and chess, as well as pool, table tennis and lawn tennis. The riveting action featured campus versus campus field competitions, exciting entertainment and laid back sessions where both staff and students were able to let loose and enjoy the day.

Meanwhile, the staff members who were present played engaging outdoor and indoor games with the Staff men team drawing 1-1 with the students’ gents’ side in a heated football match while securing a 2-1 win against the ladies side, Zetech Sparks, in the same sport.

In the basketball challenge, coaches of the varsity sports teams joined the students in a thrilling competition that resulted in a buzz among the ball players as they battled their coaches for the top spot. In the staff basketball action, a team comprising of both ladies and gents silenced a students’ squad side 37-17, with Sports Coordinator Alfred Muli clinching the Man of the Match title. In addition, the team participated in exciting obstacle races and indoor games that resulted in refreshed physical health, bonding and fits of laughter, with an underlying lesson on the importance of team work.

According to Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia, the Sports action is important for the Zetech family as it brings people together and provides them with a platform to play, showcase their sporting talent and bond,

“Sports Day is an important session for students and staff as they play together and get to know each other better, away from their usual formal engagement in class or at the office. I wish to appreciate all those who worked hard to ensure the event was a success.” Elizabeth added.

Indeed, the action was worth taking a day off class and the office to enjoy sports, build relationships, and boost the teams’ physical health.

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