Varsity Kicks off Semester with Welcome Service

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  • May 17, 2017

“Better is a single day in your courtyards than a thousand days anywhere else! I would prefer to stand outside the entrance of my God’s house than live comfortably in the tents of the wicked.” The Good Book quotes in Psalms 84:10. Reflecting on the power of kicking off the semester effectively, the Zetech Christian Union (ZECU) hosted a spirit filled two hour serviceat the onset of what looks to be a busy May 2017 semester.

The student body, who reported back to the university during the first week of May, expressed their delight in the nourishing session at the Thika Road Campus and lauded the CU Club for leading the service.

Commenting on the session, Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia noted that the heart of the session was to demonstrate the power of involving God in their studieswith the purpose of establishing a guiding foundation for the important learning process.

“The service was an incredible way to usher in the new semester as we welcomed our students, and received our new trainees; through the service, the CU Club continues to position itself as an active club determined to achieve its objectives.” Elizabeth added.

Christine Nyakio who works with MSN, an international evangelical organisation, gave the day’s bread of life; she boldly brought the word that moved the worshippers, reminding them of their covenant with God and the call to walk in holiness. She reminded them that, they should purpose to be the positive voice in this generation, not only in campus but also off campus.

On his part, Club Chairperson Emmanuel Masika, a fourth year Bachelor of Business and IT student appreciated the audience for taking time to participate, saying, “The day’s message has greatly helped us understand what God expects of us and encouraged us to uphold moral behaviour as we undertake our studies.”

As the service concluded, there was no doubt that the congregation was inspired to celebrate their faith. The Club, which fellowships every day, used the opportunity to invite students to join the club. Indeed, it was an awesome moment of unashamed praise and the union looks forward to continued vibrant sessions.

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