University students talk social issues on Kiss TV Youth Show

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  • February 27, 2018

It was an interesting day at Zetech University as students engaged with the Kiss TV Roroa crew, in an insightful recording session at the varsity main campus, to converse on issues affecting the youth in the country.
The students contributed to a heated debate on the popular ‘sponsor’ craze that involves young girls and boys getting involved with older men or women in exchange of money or an expensive lifestyle. Majority of the students noted that the issue is worryingly on the rise and is a major issue affecting the society.

Yusuf Farah, a media student at the institution passionately condemned the practice, noting that according to him, relationships that do not lead to marriage or engagement are just flings. Others felt that although many have the right to make their own decisions, staying away from such a lifestyle would be advisable for one to enjoy a fulfilling life.

The enthusiastic team also debated on the issue of how long one should be in a relationship before graduating to marriage. Certificate student Mercy Gladys noted that one must carefully think things through and have more than just an infatuation for someone before deciding to get married; agreeing with her, a second year student added, “you should date a person with the intention of marrying them.”

Prompted to discuss the famed matatu culture that appeals to young people, a debate arose on basic hygiene affecting both passengers and drivers. The audience emphasised that cleanliness is next to Godliness and matatu crews need to think about their customers, even in the area of hygiene. In the midst of bursts of laughter, they called for matatu drivers and touts to at least take a bath every morning as this is basic personal care.

“A sweaty environment in a matatu is really uncomfortable and increases the risk of spreading communicable diseases. If you cannot keep your body and clothes clean, it would be fair to do everybody else a favour by not boarding a matatu or simply using another means of transport,” said Alfred Wanjohi, adding, “it is important to take care of your body because it’s the only place you have to live.”

Indeed, the students look forward to the airing of the memorable show as they further deliberate on how young people should make the right choices to live a good and godly life.

Written by Lavenda Wangwe

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