University Media students showcase skills in annual photo expo

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  • July 20, 2017

Media students at Zetech University this year held the Zetech annual photography exhibition at the varsity main campus; an exhilarating event that emboldens the journalism students to showcase the skills gained in class while learning the necessary interpersonal skills required for the field.

Under the leadership of their photography trainer Macharia Kariuki, the students set up different exhibition areas where they showcased various aspects of the art and engaged with hundreds of internal and external guests, who were captured by the aesthetic and holistic element of the event.

The three day expo featured the different kinds of camera lenses and their uses, the element of lighting in photography and what it takes to produce a winning photograph while a studio set up positioned in the middle of the expo allowed clients to have their pictures taken as they learnt the art of excellent studio photography. Moreover, an additional group handled a section on mounted and frames photos and educated their audience on building a powerful and beautiful portfolio.

Commenting on the educative exhibition, Media Department Lead Shadrack Ngao noted that the learners were fully engaged in the preparation and execution of the event in a bid to equip them with the necessary skills required for the course,

“The annual Zetech University photo exhibition is designed to showcase the beautiful art of photography and is executed by students undertaking media and journalism; the purpose also involves building their confidence skills to enable them to actively demonstrate their knowledge of camera work and the story telling element of photography.” Ngao added.

Media students Ann Chege and John Kilonzo, on their part, reflected on the power of such forums that push students to explain the knowledge gained in class while showing off their photography skills. Ann shared that the expo challenged her to speak clearly and confidently to clients and ensured she had fully understood different aspects of photography to effectively convince her audience,

“This was an important session for us; it allowed us to market photography and what it entails as many think it is just as matter of picking a camera and taking photos, there is much more to it. It has helped me share my passion with different people and has built my confidence in interacting with people.” Ann said.
On his part, Kilonzo appreciated the experience, saying, “It has been a challenging and fulfilling three days and the reception has been very good. It helped me internalise concepts learnt in class and has taught me the art of speaking to people I have never met.”

Indeed, the academic experience for students at Zetech is continually enhanced through such engaging sessions, with a focus of producing holistic students who can shine in their craft and effectively engage with different persons across the world.

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