The Power of a Gift; Student DJ Talks Passion, Music and Growing Talent

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  • March 1, 2018

As I walk towards the set place for our interview, at the back of my mind, I’m reflecting on what it takes for a 21 year old to be able to pay his own school fees. It’s impressive. I remember during my campus days I attempted to live life on the first ‘lane’ and saving at that point was just did not for me but at Zetech University, there is a talented young media student, Rodgers Mboya, aka DJ Rizz 254, who is using his talent to sustain his daily needs.

ZU: Why the name DJ RIZZ 254:
Actually, it’s a nick name from high school. I went to Miu Boys High School, in Machakos. I decided to stick with it, because it was easy for my fan base to identify me.

ZU: What do you do apart from being a DJ? :
I am a communication and mass media student at Zetech University diploma level; this is my last semester and I am looking forward to the next level in my studies.

ZU: Tell us, how did it all start? :
It all started in High school. First of all, I am a very driven person. Because of this passion, I became friends with the entertainment prefect who would sometimes let me be in charge of entertainment and I would use the CD charger to spin music for other students. They loved it!

ZU: Interesting. Did you ever been in trouble because of your skill? Have you been to school to enhance your DJ skills? How has Zetech University helped your talent? That’s awesome. How do you balance between studies and your talent? Does it pay? What next for DJ Rizz 254? Impressive. What advice would you give to upcoming deejays? Your Contacts?

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