Take 5 with Zetech Student and Basketball Point Guard Deborah Obunga

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  • March 9, 2017

Meet Deborah, a passionate young lady taking a course in Accounting and Finance at Zetech University. A point guard for the university basketball team, Deborah opens up to John Teketi :
John Teketi about her love for basketball and how she balances academics and sports:

ZU: What course are you taking at Zetech University:
Deborah: I am pursuing a Diploma in Accounting & Finance; I am in my second year.

ZU: Tell us, apart from Class, what are your favorite things to do? :
Deborah: Playing basketball, listening to music, reading novels and watching movies whenever I get the time.

ZU: Talk to us about basketball. You play for the Zetech Sparks. When did your love for basketball begin & why do you enjoy playing the sport? :
Deborah: My love for basketball started back in secondary school; I also enjoy it because it gives me a wide chance to interact with different people and make new friends, it also builds my self-discipline.

ZU: What position do you play in your team? :
Deborah: Position 1(Point guard); my main role is to run the team’s offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time.

ZU: The Sparks have recently won the 2016 Division one tournament unbeaten, congratulations. How do you ensure your team maintains excellent performance all through? :
Deborah: Thanks. Teamwork has played a key role in our performance, moreover, my teammates are discipline and hardworking. We also train consistently to maintain form.

ZU: Great. According to you, how has basketball impacted your life? :
Deborah: The sport has taught me so many things in life, how to work well with others who are from different cultures, time management and the opportunities sports provides for talented players.

ZU: Any basketball player you look up to? :
Deborah: I look up to Hilder Indasi, a Kenyan basketball player who plays for Equity basketball team.

ZU: Tell us, you play basketball, you are a student and you also work. How do you manage the balance? :
Deborah: it is not easy but I manage. I commit to manage my time well, so that I train in the evenings, I attend part time classes and I work between 8:00am to 4:00pm.

ZU: It is refreshing to learn that you are able to manage so well. Is there any way the University supports you in all this? :
Deborah: Zetech has been very supportive throughout, giving me an opportunity to play and providing a scholarship for my studies. I also appreciate that players receive allowances and transport is provided for all our games.

ZU: What is your advice to students who wish to join your team? :
Deborah: Basketball is all about passion, determination and focus; it you are keen on achieving your dreams, you will do what it takes.

ZU: Where do you see yourself in a few years to come? :
Deborah: My passion, in terms of academics is to be a top financer. As for basketball, I’m all about my team becoming the best team in the country and one day playing in major African games. I believe my dreams are valid.

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