Students enlightened on employability skills in monthly career talk

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  • July 4, 2017

Zetech University students last week benefitted from an enlightening engagement with a youthful team from Barclays Bank, on an upcoming initiative designed to challenge students to identify and grab opportunities that come his or her way, through various networks.

The learners, stationed at the varsity main campus, were advised on the significance of sharpening one’s thinking and building his/her networks with the team introducing an employability programme dubbed ReadytoWork crafted to impart young people with attractive skills for employers.

Commenting on the talk, Zetech University Dean of Student Affairs noted the importance of developing holistic students who can excel in every area of their lives, through such career talks held every month at the institution,

“We believe that inviting the Barclays team for an engagement session with students sparked the minds of our students and instilled in them the desire to seek knowledge and learn how best to engage potential employers as well as an appetite to interact with influential people in society.” Elizabeth said.

The Bank officials present at the event shared that the initiative seeks to equip the youth aged between 18 to 35 years, with skills which will allow them to thrive in the workplace and centres on work ethics, people skills, money management and entrepreneurial skills.

“The course is available online through the bank portal: https://readytowork.barclays/ and on completion, beneficiaries will be able to perform better in the job market, either as employees or as entrepreneurs.” Noted the Philomena Mwangi, who was part of the Barclays team.

Indeed, the university encouraged students to explore ways to improve their lives that will boost their academic experience.

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