September Semester Kicks Off

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  • September 11, 2017

The September semester is here and the Zetech fraternity is happy to unite again after enjoying a restful break. It is indeed that time for students to regroup and lay out plans for the semester, with the aim to excel in their studies and balance this out with activities, sports and spending time with their friends.

As the students settle in, the teaching and non-teaching teams have aptly prepared for the session, advising students to plan themselves around the shared semester schedule to ensure they make the most of the semester.

Commenting on the kick off, Registrar Academics Moses Maina noted that his team has adequately sorted out all aspects of the schedule to make sure students enjoy a successful sem. He encourages the students, through available communication platforms, to share feedback on how they are settling in.

On their part, the students have settled in well and the campuses are abuzz with activity. Keen to enjoy their classes and equally participate in exciting events across arts, CSR and sports, the learners have expressed that they are proud to be back to a place they believe is a harbour of opportunity.

Simon Wanyonyi, a Business Administration and Management student in his first year shares that he is overjoyed to be back on campus. He has it that Zetech has awakened his way of thinking and he is hopeful he will achieve more during this semester. He lauds his colleagues for the unity unlike some campuses where he believes first years are looked down upon.

“Zetech is and will always be an awesome institution to be associated with and I am happy to be back. Honestly, I have met lecturers who have always been willing to help, and I appreciate the good student relationship we have.” shared Wanyonyi.

Indeed, Zetech is committed to providing quality higher education, and as the semester commences the administration promises to continue helping students in inventing their future.

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