One on One with Varsity Taekwondo Captain

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  • July 28, 2017

This week, we dive into the world of martial arts with Zetech University Engineering student Moses Mwanga who shares with us his undying love for the sport that started many years ago, when he was just a child. As the captain of the university team he pulls us into his amazing joinery in the sport and what he hopes to achieve in the coming years:

ZU: When did the love for sport begin?:
Moses: The love started when I was a child. It has grown especially now that I practice Tae kwondo in campus.

ZU: Why do you love the sport?:
Moses: It keeps me fit helps; it also ensures I use my free time well and focus on important things that impact my life positively.

ZU: Does anyone in your family play the sport?:
Moses: Yes, my elder brother. He is also a coach and has greatly contributed towards my effort in joining and excelling in this sport.

ZU: Tell us about the Zetech University Taekwondo team:
Moses: I am honoured to be a part of a young but strong martial arts team at the university. I am currently the captain and excited about the far we have come.

ZU: Difference between Taekwondo and karate?:
Moses: Taekwondo emphasises kicking techniques, while Karate focuses on hand strikes.

ZU: As Team Captain, how do you ensure your team performs?:
Moses: I ensure that my teammates are exposed to as many tournaments as possible and this motivates them to train and work hard.

ZU: Tell us about your successes in the sport over the years?:
Moses: I won my first gold medal when I was in form two. At Zetech University, I have managed to win silver and bronze and I’m preparing for a gold medal!

ZU: Besides martial arts, what else do you like doing?:

Moses: I enjoy watching movies, travelling and socialising.

ZU: What is your ambition in the game?:
Moses: My dream is to become a Professional martial arts player nationally and internationally. I’ve always dreamed of being in the Kenyan team since I started it in back in class. I truly love the sport.

ZU: Future Plans?:
Moses: My immediate plan is to become a seasoned instructor in the country.

ZU: Did you get any support from Zetech?:
Moses: I can proudly say I got as much support as I needed from the University the institution has sponsored us by giving providing training facilities and financing our trips to different competitive tournaments.

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