New Students Vow to abide to University Rules and Regulations

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  • October 16, 2018

Zetech University hosted the vice chancellor’s matriculation for the September 2018 cohort at all university campuses, as the new students took an oath to obey the rules and regulations of the university and maintain good academic standing.

Matriculation is a process that endorses students’ admission to the University and at this forum, all students commit to fulfill all academic requirements and maintain discipline throughout their stay at Zetech. Indeed, it was a privilege for the students who attended the session as they got a chance to learn more about their institution of choice and interact with the VC, who shared insights on how to excel on campus.

Speaking during the session, VC Prof. Njenga Munene said, “Our focus is to provide you with quality teaching and an unforgettable Zetech Experience by ensuring you interact with a Faculty that is well trained, committed and passionate about your success. Our specialised training style provides you with an environment where you have access to all the resources you need to benefit from a rich campus experience.”

Prof. Munene also assured the students that the University provides a conducive learning environment for the students and encouraged them to share feedback through available feedback channels.

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