Media Trainees urged to ‘sell emotion’ in developing stories

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  • February 27, 2018

“If you do not sell an emotion in your story, then your story is useless,” these are words echoed by Lesley Mirungu, a news reporter and voice over artist at CCTV Africa. This was during a timely media talk held at Zetech University in a bid to furnish media and arts students with insights on the industry.

Speaking to the eager audience, Mirungu added that to create a winning article, one must fetch facts, avoid redundancy as it will make your piece of work boring. It is very important to master the art of journalism before you create content make sure you know the end result before you start.“Journalism is personal, you tell your story the way you like, if it does not interest you then it will also not interest your targeted audience” said the seasoned reporter.

It came out clearly that the time to start implementing creative ideas is during campus, the students were advised. The diploma and certificate students were urged to, ‘practice, listen and package content well and people will love their work; this buys confidence.”

Mr. Mirungu, went ahead to encourage the students, that if one wants to venture into being a voice over artist you have to be able to take it seriously to prosper, work hard at it every day package yourself and sell yourself. Look for opportunities to showcase your work.

When it comes to writing for radio that means you’re writing for the ear thus you have to go an extra mile when it comes to creativity and capturing the audience attention. Doing voice over, the voice has to be rich and this is achieved by practicing and being comfortable with your voice and learning for yourself.

On his part, Eliud Mwangi, Studio Technician and Graduate Assistant, lauded the CCTV team for taking time to share their experiences with the students, urging the students to put into practice the insights shared.

“Be open minded because it is a learning curve, you aim to be better than you were yesterday. Indeed, journalism is about confidence, always research and shine, remember there is space for everybody if you know you’re good at what you do.” Eliud added.

The interactive session, ended in a reflective mood as the learners were cautioned that their work must have impact on their audience, encouraging them to take action depending on the message delivered.

By Lavendah Wange

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