Media Student Karen Wambui talks Academics, Campus Life and Finance

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  • June 13, 2018

It is always interesting to delve into the world of campus students and find out what makes them tick. The University PR team caught up with media student Karen Wambui to share her Zetech experience and how she balances her studies, money and dating. Veronica Wambui spoke to her and documented her interesting responses:

1. Which course do you pursue at Zetech University?
Diploma in Communication and Media Arts

2. Was it what you always wanted to study?
Yes, it is my dream to become a reliable and excellent journalist since I’m very passionate about informing people about what’s happening and contributing to the conversations of society.

3. Your toughest unit?
That would have to be Radio and video editing! It makes me visit the library regularly to read material so that I understand the unit.

4. Your favorite lecturer?
Winnie Oduor, she is very friendly and goes the extra mile to ensure we understand her units. I believe that she goes beyond her call as a lecturer

5. Between class and the library, when do you get to hangout and enjoy the other parts of you campus life?
Probably after class, but mostly weekends. The week can get busy with class work, assignments and taking part in co curricular activities.

6. How do you balance pleasure and academics?
I focus on what I am doing at specific times because I know that there is time for everything, to ensure I strike a balance. I tend to focus more on my academics because that’s why I am in University.

7. Share with us a bit about your dating experience in campus?
Hmmm, well I have been hit on severally though I have never given in for personal reasons, so I have never dated anyone in campus.

8. Your favorite fashion style?
I have a variety because I always want to remain on the right track of what is trending but I lean towards official dressing most of the time.

9. As a student, how do you manage your finances?
My parents actually manage it for me; they ensure my fee is paid immediately when I open then what is left is what I use for my personal needs. It’s challenging but I try very hard to use this money well and avoid being extravagant.

10. Your best and worst experience in campus?
Best; Meeting friends from campus during events
Worst; 8am classes!

11. What would you do differently if you had to pick a different course?
I would probably pursue Hospitality or Tourism; this was my second option after journalism back then before I joined campus.

12. If you could change anything about your campus experience what would it be?
I would maintain the kind of friends I have today in campus but not the ones I had at the beginning, it is true that your choice of friends can determine your direction in life.

13. If your parents had their way into your career choice you could have chosen for you?
Ooh my! If my parents would have made the choice, I would have been studying engineering. It took me a long time to convince them to allow me pursue journalism though with time, they really support me.

14. Your advice to other students in the school?
Focus on your studies, do what brought you to university and be very keen on your choice of friends, friends determine your direction in life.

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