Kenyan Varsity Student Scaling the Heights in Youth Empowerment

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  • March 5, 2018

History will judge me, not for what I say at the moment but for what I do to lift the lives of my fellow country men and women; these are the words that drive Evans Mwendwa Mutavi every single day. The second year student taking a Bachelor of Business in Information Technology at Zetech University talks to Lavendah Wangwe about his ambitions in life.

The enthusiastic IT enthusiast shares that the motto “follow people who will empower you and make you better” describes his passion in youth empowerment and the rise of Pan Africanism. It is this passion as well as networking that has enabled him to work with different organisations and people from all walks of life. Currently, he is doing a project with the United Nations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), centred on youth participation in civic, economic, social and political issues across the African continent.

Moreover, the 20 year old has travelled to all the East African countries and is preparing to travel to DRC this weekend to participate in a forum on development and the role of the youth in advancing the agenda of the continent. Mwendwa is also a certified member of Young African Leaders Forum based in South Africa, and is the assistant director in finance and fund raising in the same organisation.

The vibrant young man adds that he is experiencing growth in these areas, sharing that he was recently selected to be an ambassador for Africa Leaders Factory Initiative through communication from Dakar, Senegal. In addition, in November 2017, he got a letter to be the national representative and president of an organisation in Kenya called Association for African Youth progressive making him, he says, the youngest president in the organisation.

“All these projects deal with empowerment of the youth, good governance and making the world a better place.” Mwenda shares, adding that he also serves as a peace ambassador for Taifa Peace in the country.

Asked when it all began, he shares that nothing comes easy, it involves a lot of sacrifice. “I schedule my time well like, minimising my time for fun because at the end of the day, my goal in life is greater.” Mwenda started this journey in high school at Mwingi School, where he was a part of an international programme aimed at campaigning for ways to curb water shortage in sub Saharan Africa. At this point, he was able to connect with the right people.

There are many great opportunities for university students in the continent, they just need to be keen and willing to take part and use their time well, says Mwendwa, adding that Zetech University has played a big role in his journey in collaboration with the Student Affairs office.

“I would like Zetech students to benefit from these kind of programmes and in collaboration with the Student Affairs office, we have introduced the UNESCO club in the University, which also gives opportunities to students like attachment, internship, opportunities to attend conferences and summits organised by UNESCO”.

As the interview comes to a close, the determined BBIT student concludes by saying, “Everybody is capable of doing amazing things in this world, just know your purpose, seize opportunities and never give up.”

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