Kenyan Varsity Student Nominated for Advancing Healthcare Innovations Africa Conference

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  • June 6, 2018

Advancing Healthcare Innovations Africa has nominated several participants across the continent to participate in the July 2018 conference to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a multiphase programme led by professions in science, business, and law with an aim of helping scientists transition their innovations from the laboratory to the market.

Zetech University Computer Engineering student Anthony Muthungu has been nominated to participate in the event for his tremendous work in the area of innovation and artificial intelligence following his latest innovation designed to empower the visually impaired to easily navigate their path while using a cane.

His product, dubbed the Intelligent Smart Cane, is an electronic walking cane that assists the low vision impaired and the blind to walk freely, protecting them from colliding with objects. The Smart cane uses five voltage power to run the control unit which is connected to the number of sensors that detect obstacles for the low vision impaired. Once the object is detected at a distance, a message is passed to the user through a set of earphones describing the object and the distance between the user and the object.

Excited at the opportunity, Muthungu believes the conference will be an eye-opening experience and a golden chance to network with more established scientists committed to transforming the world through science and technology.

“I appreciate this unique opportunity to learn about the business, legal and scientific considerations of moving a product to the market. I believe the skills I will acquire from the conference will be a valuable asset to my career.” The Kenyan student further states that his passion to use technology to address health care needs is timely given the country’s focus on the big four agenda, which includes universal healthcare.

By the end of 2018, the Kenyan government hopes to have increased the number of people with health coverage from 16.53 million to 25.74 million, a figure that will hit 51.57 million Kenya’s projected population by 2022.

Congratulating Muthungu on his nomination, University VC Prof. Njenga Munene shared that the University is proud of the student who continues to develop his spectacular innovation, even beyond the borders of Kenya,

“We would like to congratulate Muthungu for this nomination that speaks to his commitment and ingenuity in creating solutions that address current needs in the society. As we expand our research and extension portfolio, we continue to ensure that our students and staff do more in this area so as to produce graduates who will impact the world.” Prof. Munene said.

By Veronicah Wambui

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