Hospitality Entrepreneur Mentors Students; Scouts for Young Talent

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  • August 3, 2016

Hospitality training at Zetech
Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent. Without a doubt, entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work and if successful, their innovations may improve our standards of living. In addition to creating wealth, they also create jobs and conditions for a prosperous society.

Entrepreneur Brian Owango, Managing Director and Founder of Aqueous Mobile Bar visited Zetech University to speak to the Hospitality management students for a lecture on entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry and what it takes to make an impact in the sector.

Sharing his history to encourage the student, Brian revealed that he started small, cleaning and serving in bars and restaurants. “It is service in the hospitality industry that has taken my places,” Brian told the students adding that Aqueous Mobile Bar founded in 2008 and has grown to be a name to reckon in serving drinks and canapés at corporate functions, weddings, private parties and even presidential events at the State House.

Brian, who is a surveyor with a degree from Nottingham University, worked in bars and restaurants to earn a bit of extra money as a student and continued to do so even after graduation. During this moment in his life, he was bitten by the food bug. While working, he learnt from the chefs he worked under the various styles of food preparation using spices and condiments. He was also able to teach himself through experimentation and incorporating variety in his food by picking up some tips here and there from across the continents.

The purpose for visiting Zetech is centred on his passion for growing talent and he was there to scout committed and passionate young men and women to work in his growing business.
“College is truly a venue of discovery. I am here to offer students temporary weekend events hosting jobs and enable them to start their careers in the industry. We build on passion and interest.” Brian added.

The pioneer of Mixiology in the country also shared tips of success with the students citing that all it takes is doing what you love and doing it to perfection. “Aqueous is a dream come true for me; for a dreamer, nothing enlightens him more than seeing his dreams come alive.”

The Varsity’s students gladly filled the application forms with the hope of seeing the hospitality pioneer in a couple of weeks for an interview that might present a chance for them to build their interest and passion for the hospitality sector.

Indeed, we with the students all the best in this endeavour and appreciate Brian and his team for considering Zetech students for these unique opportunities.

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