Celebrity Diversity; Meet Cihuguyu Jose, Business Management Major student from Congo

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  • July 4, 2017

Celebrity Diversity
Meet Cihuguyu Kashanvu Jose, a Business Management Major student, from The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Many of those who took history in school know that Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest country in Africa, located in central sub-Saharan Africa and houses the oldest national park in Africa , Virunga National Park where rare mountain gorillas, lions, and forest and savanna elephants inhabit.

In this edition, Alfred Kilonzo has a chat with Charismatic international student Cihuguyu Kashanvu Jose from Congo, a Business Management and Administration (BBAM) Major at Zetech University.

ZU: Tell us a bit about yourself:
Cihuguyu: I am a down to earth, ambitious young Congolese who has respect for other people. I am hard-working and would love to venture into business and manage one of my own in future. I am also into fashion and music.

ZU: When did you get to Kenya and what brought you to the country?
Cihuguyu: I came to Kenya in the year 2015, specifically for studies. I was directed to Zetech by a close friend who had one of her friends schooling here and I am glad I decided to join this institution.

ZU: what has been your experience in Kenya so far?
Cihuguyu: Kenya is great. I have learnt Kiswahili and more importantly English. I also love that the Country is peaceful. The challenge I sometimes encounter is with the Kenyan Police, who always ask for a national ID or passport if they suspect you are a foreigner.

ZU: What motivated you take to BBAM?
Cihuguyu: I have a dream of being a businessman to reckon with in the world. Coming to Zetech and choosing to pursue BBAM is a step in actualizing it.

ZU: Which Campus do you study at?
Cihuguyu: I study at Thika Road Campus, but I started at Pioneer Campus.

ZU: How do you find Zetech so far?
Cihuguyu Kashanvu Jose: A rare learning institution in Kenya. At Zetech, I have been moulded into a gentleman of character and taught that working hard is of paramount importance. Students at Zetech are cordial and this has helped me easily make friends in Campus.

ZU: Is the University helping you grow in your career of choice?
Cihuguyu: Yes. Right from the class to co-curricular activities. I have also had an opportunity to interact with top players in entrepreneurship during fairs organised by the institution and learnt to speak English fluently. In my Country, most people know French and thus I stand a better chance of getting employment with international Companies where language barrier between natives and foreigners has been a headache.

ZU: Your Parting shot?
Cihuguyu: They should take their studies seriously, and if driven by passion, it is possible for them to achieve success and actualise their dreams. To incoming students, you will never be disappointed learning at Zetech University. Choose to invent your future.

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