The Zetech Alumni Association was launched in June 2022 and brings together graduates of the University to participate in the governance and development of their alma mater as they socialize and network.
The process for registration is in progress. The launch of a committee was set up and immediately; they organized a cocktail meeting with the alumni to sensitize the alumni commenced. The committee approached a few graduates of the University to act as interim officials on a voluntary basis.
This year the Association marks its second year of positive co-existence within Zetech University where it has managed to touch the lives of many students as well as link the alumni with the rest of the university.


The vision of the Association is to be an effective partner in the realization of the goals cherished by Zetech University and its former students (the Alumni).


The mission of the Alumni Association is to mobilize the Alumni and well-wishers to support the welfare and progress of Zetech University and to participate in the enhancement and improvement of intellectual and material well-being of the Zetech university Community including fostering close friendship and professional relations between fellow alumni and between the Association and Zetech University


The following are the aims and objectives of Zetech University Alumni Association will be to.

  • Promote social and intellectual interaction between Zetech University and the Alumni and also within the Alumni.
  • Recognize and support the quest for meaningful scholarship as well as academic excellence at Zetech University
  • Promote, improve and protect the interest and welfare of the members and Zetech University
  • Form chapters of the Alumni within and outside the country so as to reach out to all the members
  • Contribute to the growth of Zetech University by participating in development projects
  • Encourage, develop and maintain academic and social traditions unique to Zetech University
  • Establish collaborative links with other Alumni bodies and organizations in and outside Kenya.
  • Collaborate with Zetech University Council and any other boards which serve the interests and development of the Alumni and Zetech University
  • Participate in any other worthwhile national and International development activities that will portray the Association and Zetech University in good light.
  • Devise ways and means of raising funds for the activities of the Alumni and to undertake collaborative projects Zetech University and its alumni.



The Alumni membership comprises of four categories of members as mentioned below. To join the alumni association please click on this link and become a member.

  1. Ordinary: All persons who have successfully completed their studies at Zetech University
  2. Life: Shall comprise members who by virtual of status and/or work station opt to pay a figure, decided by the members from time to time, that will enable them avoid paying annual subscriptions.
  3. Honorary: These will comprise friends of alumni who will be recognized for their immense contribution towards the growth of Zetech University
  4. Corporate: Shall comprise Corporate Bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and graduates from other Universities with the interest of identification with Zetech University and must for this purpose have had approved dealings with Zetech University, for example, teaching, placements, collaborative projects

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