Community Engagement Policy

This is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of Zetech University. Zetech promotes a culture of corporate social responsibility that respects the rights and safety of individuals, as well as the laws, environs and sustainability of the communities, where we operate. Our top priority is our responsibility to the employees and the community we operate in, which focuses on how we deal with environmental, social and economic impact. Zetech University recognizes that it cannot do it all; so that if there are choices to be made, bias will be towards doing fewer projects with greater impact and focusing initiatives on communities in which the University is involved.
Our CSR programmes serve to benefit our business model in two-fold: to help the businesses operate in ways that benefit the society and in building the trust level on the company brand image. Finding the most affordable price no longer matters most to consumers, instead, they expect the companies they do business with to operate in a socially responsible approach.
We, Zetech University Ltd and our subsidiaries, take initiative to contribute to harmonious and sustainable development of society through all business activities that we carry out in any county and region, based on our guiding principles.
We will conduct every aspect of our business with honesty, integrity and openness, respecting human rights and the interests of our employees, customers and third parties. In order to contribute to sustainable development, the management in collaboration with stakeholders will endeavor to build and maintain sound relationships through open and fair communication so as to maximize on impact made to the society.
We will respect the legitimate interests of third parties with whom we have dealings in the course of our business.
Our Stakeholders
The following are Zetech’s Stakeholders and it is expected that they will be key implementers of this policy:
Customers (Parents and Students)
Based on our philosophy of ’ Best Quality Service Delivery,  we strive to develop and provide innovative, safe and outstanding high quality products and services that meet a wide variety of our customers’ demands so as to enrich their lives.
Even as we encourage all students and parents to fulfill their obligation on fee payment, we will develop an endowment fund to ensure that no student drops out of University for lack of fees.

Our Employees
At Zetech University:
We understand that employees are the backbone of our business and our critical stakeholders. We respect our employees and believe that the success of our business is led by each individual’s creativity and involvement in teamwork.
We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees so as to stimulate an environment that will foster personal growth.
We support equal employment opportunities, diversity and inclusion for our employees and do not discriminate against them. (Guiding Principles 5)
Through communication and dialogue with our employees, we build and share the value “Mutual Trust and Mutual Responsibility” and work together for the success of our employees and the company.
Our employees will be part through which this policy will be driven. They are encouraged to develop their own initiatives of staff driven programmes in the community.
We will work towards achieving a diverse workforce, recruiting, employing and promoting employees only on the basis of objective criteria and the qualifications and abilities needed for the job to be performed.
Our Business Partners
We respect our business partners such as suppliers and dealers and work with them through long-term relationships to realize mutual growth based on mutual trust.
We will diligently seek new partnerships and business opportunities based on fair play. We will seek to leverage our business partners’ core competencies and products to fund and operationalize this policy.
CSR Platforms:
Zetech University CSR initiatives will focus on, but not limited to; education, environment, youth affairs, Boy/Girl child programmes, health and economic empowerment of communities around where we do business. Wherever we do business, we will actively promote and engage at individual and partner level, in social contribution activities that strengthen communities and contribute to the empowerment of the society.
We are committed to making continuous improvement in the management of our environmental impact through noble initiatives such as working to reduce water wastage, effective waste management approach and checking the effect of our programmes and operations on climate change.
We will engage in activities that conserve the environment such as tree planting, conserving water towers, cleaning towns, cities and the community.
We will work with our partners to promote environmental care, increase understanding of environmental issues and disseminate good practice.
Youth Affairs
At Zetech University, we acknowledge that young people are key stakeholders of our business. We will make every effort to include them in our decision making systems, continuously and meaningfully involve them in our programmes and endeavor to tap and develop their talents.
In recognizing that a healthy community will have more disposable income, Zetech University understands that the health and safety of our employees and customers is our paramount concern. We will engage in activities that provide prevention of communicable diseases and preventable infections as well as support health infrastructure acquisition and development whenever possible.
Economic empowerment of the community:
We will endeavor to use our expertise to empower the community economically through capacity building in business management of micro and small enterprises. Whenever possible we will seek partnerships that add value to small scale business men and women and strengthen their capacity in the value chain.
Donating to national and local charities is another way we will act responsibly. We will partner with local charities to implement programs that are beneficial to the community. We will determine our resource allocation in either monetary or man-time, to ensure that programmes that are agreeable to us succeed.
•    To deploy our expertise for the benefit of the community we work in
•    To enrich our programmes from lessons leant in the Community
•    To contribute to community/society continuity by empowering young people through youth and children programmes
•    To empower the community where we operate through social-economic programmes
This policy will be implemented at 3 levels:
1.    Students’ level: Students are encouraged to find programmes that they can implement in the community. The programs must be aligned with this policy and discussed with the appropriate department of the University. Students will be encouraged to select activities that they can resource. They can seek top up funding/support from the University management.
2.    Zetech Staff level: Zetech staff will drive the CSR policy by implementing well-funded and well thought out programmes in the community. The programmes will be aligned with this policy and will have full backing of the management.
3.    Senior Leadership level: This policy is owned by Zetech Senior leadership. The Leadership will commission programmes that have high visibility and are generally long term and impactful.
This policy will be implemented by the University in-house staff and students or through out-sourcing of services. Whenever appropriate, Zetech will out-source services of community organizations and individual consultants to design and implement some of the community engagement programmes.
Financing this policy will be done through the following sources:
•    Students’ contributions
•    Staff contributions
•    Private business partnerships
•    External funding from Government, foundations, NGOs  and private equity funds
•    Five per cent (5%) of Zetech University’s next profits.

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