Corporate Training

We have been in the business of training corporate and SME staff and executives for over ten years. We specialise in designing courses tailored to meet each organisation’s specific needs, designed to get results within your specific time frame and budget.

Our academics team led by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene has created a dynamic training programme to equip your staff with the skills to better achieve the core objectives of your business.

Granted that human capital is the most important competitive factor that could make Kenya or any other country clinch an edge in global competitiveness, there is need for partnership between the public sector, the universities and the private sector in the development of human capital for the country. We draw our specialty in supervisory and management soft-skills training, leadership skills development as well as provision of business growth consultancy services.

We believe that every organisation needs corporate training. We guarantee:

1.Resource Savings

By allowing our experienced professionals to handle your training requirements, you remove the burden of investing in training equipment and materials along with allocating a dedicated human resource to provide this.

2.Quality Assurance

Our long experience in providing corporate and SME training gives us access to a wide pool of resources and personnel that are bound to provide exceptional service and value for money for your organisation.


Our certifications are nationally recognised and will give your organisation the competitive edge.

Our Approach

Our proposed solution strategy will be driven by a keen understanding of your training needs. Our approach is a thoughtful assessment of the unique aspects of your industry with a view of building expertise and excellence in your employees.

Key training features include:

  • In partnership with your team, we will develop a comprehensive curriculum for new programmes or programmes that do not have an existing training outline.
  • We will invest in exclusive training facilities that will be customised to meet the training requirements for your organisation.
  • We will steadily and diligently conduct training needs assessment to evaluate emergent needs and adequately act in response to them.
  • We utilise a results based evaluation system that seeks to match skills and knowledge gained with increased output of the trainees.

Reach out to us

We look forward to your participation in this exciting venture. For any queries or additional information, do not hesitate to contact the office through this email address- samuel.mbugua@zetech.ac.ke.

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