Certificate in Animal Health and Production

The programme is tailored to provide persons interested in animal health the specialized husbandry, reproduction, nutrition, and business expertise essential in the growing animal and related veterinary industry. The management of animal health and welfare has wide-ranging implications for areas such as bio security, public health, food production and wildlife.

Programme Goals.

  1. To offer structured formal educational training to professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in the field of production and animal health.
  2. Provides a strong knowledge pathway for students wanting to pursue a career in veterinary or animal science and research.
  3. Build capacity in addressing issues related to the animal industry locally and beyond through education and research on animal health and production while maintaining the health and development of animals.
  4. Provide trainees with high quality knowledge that incorporates the link between animal health and growth of the economy

Entry Requirements

Aggregated Mean grade of D+


Three (3) Trimesters

Learning Outcomes

  1. Upon completion of the course the student should be able to identify and effective control measures on important diseases of food producing animals, as well as participate in other aspects of livestock production and related enterprises.
  2. Impart education in secure and economical production of animal food without compromising of environments.

Empowered learners who can sufficiently meet significant demand in the country’s agricultural industry and enable them to create sustainable agricultural systems

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