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September 2021 Online Intake (Undergraduate , Diploma, Certificate & ZBTI)

Joining Zetech University is a great choice. This is dedicated page is designed to guide you on the application process and make it easy and fast. We will capture all aspects of the admission process to give you a head start in inventing your future.

Why Zetech University

  • We offer student focused education, quality service and dedicated support.
  • We are duly approved by Commission for University Education (CUE).
  • We are offering Blended Learning for all students to ensure you graduate on time.
  • We are providing data for all students to facilitate online learning
  • All Degree applicants qualify for HELB financing which means a lesser burden.
  • Compulsory employability and entrepreneurship skills training programme.

Application Process

  • Select your course or programme

    Step 1

  • Check entry requirements

    Step 2

  • Check for credit eligibility

    Step 3

  • Complete and submit an application form

    Step 4

  • Fee Payment & Access Classes

    Step 5

Courses On Offer

  • Artisan in Food Beverage Production & Service (KNEC)
  • Artisan in Salesmanship (KNEC)
  • Artisan in Storekeeping (KNEC)
  • Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) (KASNEB)
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Business Management (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Power) (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Tour Guiding & Travel Operations (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Food Production & Service (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
  • Certificate in Journalism (Part 1) (ICM)
  • CPA 1 (KASNEB)
  • Diploma in Business Management(KNEC)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management(KNEC)
  • Diploma in Supply Chain Management(KNEC)
  • Diploma in Marketing, Advertising & PR (ICM)
  • Diploma in Customer Service (SINGLE SUBJECT) (ICM)
  • Diploma in Tour Guiding Management (KNEC)
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism Consultant –level 2 (IATA)
  • Diploma in Managing the Travel Business level 3
  • Diploma in Front office Operation & Admin (SS) (ICM)
  • Diploma in Food Production, Sales & Service Management (KNEC)
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) (KNEC)
  • Diploma in Journalism (Part 2) ICM
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (KNEC)

Online Application Form

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