Zetech Students in Rare Sit Down with Varsity Management

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  • October 19, 2016


It is often said that the customer is always right. Indeed, businesses must be careful to ensure their clients are well taken care of and listened to, in order to create and build customer loyalty. Aware of the value of existing customers, Zetech University embarked on a series of interactive class storms to allow management representative to hear firsthand the issues they may be facing, in the institution’s ongoing Customer Service week.

Amongst a gathering of over a hundred students, Academic Registrar Alphas Adoga listened to the challenges faced by students taking different courses and gave immediate feedback where possible, with an emphasis that the varsity values the opinions of its students,
“This is an important forum for both students and the management as we are able to interact and discuss some of the challenges the trainees are facing during their stay at Zetech,” Alphas said, adding that the issues shared will be looked into to ensure students comfortably enjoy their campus life.

Zetech University Academic Registrar Alphas Adoga talks to students during the class storm

Zetech University Academic Registrar Alphas Adoga talks to students during the class storm

Some of the learners discussed challenges faced in accessing facilities, while others asked that some of the regulations in place be revised to better accommodate all students. Diana, a Tourism student, requested that the fee payment structure be looked into in order not to lock out students facing financial issues. In response the Registrar, flanked by Ag. Academic Quality Assurance Officer Harriet Mwenda and Head of Department Eng. Shadrack Ngao, notified the eager audience that such cases can be handled on an individual basis in a bid to accommodate all students.

In yet another sit down with Head of Communication and Student Affairs Moses Maina, students openly inquired on developments at the university and raised queries on some of the services available to students. Moses was quick to clarify on matters arising while expressing the institution’s appreciation of all Zetech trainees.

In both sessions, the management also urged the trainees to make the most of their campus life by joining one or more club and societies through which they can develop their talents and skills. “It is through extracurricular activities that you are able to be exceptional and stand out among your peers; we have put in place through the Student Affairs offices numerous opportunities for you to grow yourself.” Moses said.

Indeed, as the varsity boosts interaction with clients through such productive forums and sharing of treats with external and internal customers, it remains dedicated to taking great care of the entire fraternity. The students were encouraged to visit any office to raise any concerns in order to make their stay at the university memorable.

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