Varsity students trained to handle health emergencies

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  • February 20, 2017

Understanding and appreciating the power of first aid training, Zetech University engaged students in the varsity in a full day training to create awareness on handing of health emergencies and skills required to help others.

The morning session, led by Kenya Red Cross trainer Charles Oloo, was on basic handling of health situations that involve the need to stop bleeding, assisting someone who is chocking as well as administration of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR where a victim requires oxygen to regain consciousness, in case of an incident or accident.

The trainer was quick to advise the learners to remain calm in emergency situations and to carry their gloves to serve as identification that they are trained and able to administer first aid, should the need arise in a public setting.

In the afternoon session, the students acquired the necessary skills and knowledge required to address muscle related ailments, especially during sports activities; as a result of the thorough training, the new first aiders will be expected to attend Zetech sports activities that take place every weekend, to cater to the health needs of players.

“The training was broadened to teach the students how to handle muscle pulls, hamstrings and other muscle pains that are often incurred by our players on the field; the knowledge is also useful for emergency situations that may occur in public places.” commented Varsity Sports Coordinator and First
Aid Trainer of trainers, Alfred Muli.

The class further interacted with the additional trainers on handling of emergencies including burns, of various degrees, whether at home, at school or at work, and how best to effectively ease pain and address the situation.

Commenting on the session, Club Chairman Moses Mwanga noted that the session was timely and the trainees were exposed to techniques they can use in different emergency situations, “I enjoyed the sessions and learnt so much with regard to responding to any kind of emergency; we were also taught about handling asthma and epilepsy emergencies.”

In the same breath, another group of students went through an intense training with an able team from Marie Stopes; here, they were taken through health living especially in the area of sexual health.
Noting the need for such trainings, university Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia shared that it important that students are equipped beyond classroom studies, she added, “We are keen on empowering our learners with the necessary skills they can use in different situations, even after graduating.”

Zetech University Red Cross Club members pose with trainers after an intensive training at Thika Road Campus

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