Trainees Learn to Woo Employees in Interview Training

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  • November 4, 2016

Employment for university graduates has for the years been an issue in Kenya and the African continent, as organisations cite challenges in securing trainees who can excel in different sectors.

Awake to this challenge, the Zetech University Placement team gathered students in a special sitting with the varsity’s experienced Human Resource (HR) team to share the employer’s expectations and engaged them in a mock interview session to prepare students for the market.

Leading the session, Samuel Mwangi, HR Officer at the institution, interviewed several students in a mock interview session that had the students sweating and demanded that they put their first foot forward, in getting the job supposedly on the line. Mr. Mwangi was keen to generate an almost real interview situation to gauge the students’ readiness and prompt them to think creatively in order to win his attention and the job, he said,

“I was thorough in the process so that the students would experience what normally takes place in an ideal interview sitting; it was also critical for the students to work on their communication skills so they had to present themselves and explain why they think they are best suited for the different kinds of jobs on offer.”

Speaking about the Placement’s commitment to equipping students with skills they can use to excel in the market, the varsity Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia commented that such forums are structured to prepare students for the professional world and help them confidently present their thoughts, ideas and abilities to potential employers and clients.

“These sessions are significant in that the learners are exposed on what to expect out there; the candidates showed different personality traits like flexibility, analytical skills, orientation towards team work as assessed through verbal and non-verbal communication, which was encouraging to note.” Elizabeth said, adding, “The HR team, after the grilling session, advised the interviewees on areas to improve on and how best to answer questions in order to impress.”

The mock interviews, done at different campuses throughout the year, are part of the employability skills training programme at the institution to enable students to stand out, and boost their confidence following their academic training.

Clearly, the varsity is dedicated to the student fraternity and desires that trainees are well equipped for a demanding market through such insightful forums that reflect market expectations.

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