Varsity Lecturers Trained to better Deliver Service

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  • August 3, 2016

[gview file=””]Zetech University lecturers were this week engaged in a two day in-house training session aimed at improving the quality of education and delivery modes at the institution. The training, hosted by the main campus along Thika Road Campus, was headlined by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Edwin Wamukoya who welcomed guest lecturer from the Department of Educational Communication and Technology at Kenyatta University, Dr. Sophia M. Ndethiu to take the trainees through elements of delivering quality.

“Education is the single most important pillar of any society; we as an institution are mandated to ensure both quality delivery and efficient learning systems for our students.” Prof. Wamukoya said to the Zetech lecturers, emphasising on quality as a foundation for all services offered at the university.

The training session by Dr. Sophia aimed at outlining techniques for improving lecture methods highlighted the importance of communication skills in teaching and learning. “A teacher must first be a student and always reflect the student in order to succeed in his or her job.” Dr. Sophia stated, adding that a teacher is the decision maker, motivator and counselor of the students he/she teaches.

“Indeed, Zetech University has been on the frontline to ensure quality delivery and systems, boosting these efforts by receiving ISO 9001:2008 certifications in 2015.”Prof Wamukoya noted, adding, ‘we take a keen interest enhancing our students’ experience with the aim of producing graduates who are capable and productive in the job market.”
Dr. Sophie concluded her lecture by encouraging the lecturers to build interaction and monitor their students, “A teacher must have empathy and understanding in order to bring out the best from their students.”

After the interactive two day session, the lecturers turned students shared that they felt empowered and informed on how to better enhance their interaction with learners and they were appreciative of the institution’s efforts in boosting delivery of service,
“It was a fantastic session and we have learnt a lot. It provided a basic foundation for lecturers who didn’t have a thorough educational foundation; I wish they do it more often.” said Harriet Mwenda, Business Graduate Assistant at the institution.

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