Tips on making and keeping New Year Resolutions

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  • January 3, 2017

2017 has kicked off and you are eager to be the best you can be. This is the perfect time to sit down and decide what direction you want to take to grow and better yourself. The Zetech University fraternity is excited at the new opportunity to train young minds and develop their skills, and we have put together a few suggestions to guide you in noting down what to focus on this New Year:

1. Write down SMART goals and do a layout on how to achieve them: It is important to write down goals- they don’t have to be many- to help you achieve what you have set out to do in 2017. You can also have a friend or family member act as your accountability partner to enable you to execute what you have planned.

2. Build the right network and Make the right friends: It is often said, ‘show me your friends and I will show you who you are.’ Having the right kind of friends is important this New Year as they determine a lot of the choices you make. Strive to connect with people in your area of specialization and seek out mentors who can guide you on career and personal development matters.

3. Stop procrastinating: One of the greatest barriers that keep most people from achieving their SMART goals is the desire to have fun instead of working hard. Once you get used to procrastinating, it is difficult to stop, but if you are committed, you will finds ways to curb this vice and find fulfillment in doing what you need to do at the right time.

4. Improve your concentration and mental skills: This year, you should enhance your concentration and mental abilities through engaging activities such as reading widely, networking at career-based events, brain games and consistent study. Through this, you will grow yourself and be a better you. You can also use this time to develop spiritually and grow your faith.

5. Become more active: Get moving this 2017 by exercising and stretching those muscles; this is important or physical and mental health. In addition, become more active in activities such as clubs and societies, CSR projects and leadership initiatives in campus, church and other areas.

6. Develop your skills: 2017 is a great year to build on your talents and even learn new things such as a foreign language, a musical instrument, public speaking, among others. The digital age allows us access to numerous resources and gaining more skills will give you the competitive edge in your industry. This way, you can use these skills to make some money.

7. Spend more time with people who matter: There is too little time in life for us to waste it on insincere people; guard your heart and build relationships that make you a better person.

8. Research: Research is an important element in education and knowledge creation. This year, master the skills needed to research more, participate in research competitions, make better use of the library and engage with lecturers on research topics of interest. This will notably increase your knowledge and build your mental capabilities.

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