Students Celebrate Culture in Style

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  • November 14, 2016

Celebrating diversity was at the heart of the 2016 Zetech University Culture Week that took centre stage from 8th- 10th November, at the Thika Road Campus front yard. It was an amazing time where students showcased different foods, fashion and languages represented at the institution, amid entertainment and an air of excitement and celebration.

Speaking about the vent, ZUSA Outgoing Entertainment and Sports Representative Joshua Kisali highlighted the importance of the celebration, which saw international students from South Sudan, Nigeria, among other countries, interact with Kenyan students and talk about the differences in the culture. He noted, “It was an interesting experience for students to engage and talk about the different nationalities and tribes represented at Zetech; it was important for students to learn about their fellow students and what informs their dressing, food, music, among other things.”

The culture week celebration was characterized by entertainment throughout courtesy of Samsung Mobile Kenya, who used the opportunity to interact with the millennial audience on their range of products under the #JSquad campaign; the learners played various games such as foosball, pool, Play Station, as well as interactive competitive games that build cohesion among students and created fun for the crowd of over 100 students.

Describing the event as necessary and engaging, the University Dean of Students Elizabeth Muhia championed the student leaders for putting together the massive event and leading their fellow students in learning, accepting and celebrating different cultures,

“The Zetech Culture Week was a success; the students also got to conduct different businesses as led by the Zetech University Entrepreneurial Club (ZUEC) to grow and develop their sales and marketing abilities. I’m grateful to everyone who made the event such a success.”

Also in attendance was the International Youth Fellowship who was a delight to host as they launched their club at Zetech and taught the students about different disciplines of life such as Karate and Taekwondo, with a large part of the team coming from Asiatic counties as well registering students for free language training at the institution.

The three-day event concluded with an electrifying performance by popular Kenyan artist Mejja, accompanied by celebrated DJ Joe Mfalme, courtesy of the Samsung team that had the audience on their feet dancing to his latest hits.

Indeed, diversity is rooted at Zetech University and students are better prepared to interact and celebrate one another, as a result of a successful culture week event.

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