Meet the Student: Comedian Ayollo talks Books, Entertainment & Overcoming Challenges

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  • February 7, 2017

This week, we sit down with a talented student of Media and Communications Studies, Paul Macharia Kariuki aka Ayollo, who has overcome challenges in his life to embark on his dream of entertaining the world and inspiring hope to those who have a dream, but have no resources. The Zetech students talks to us about accessing funds to finance his education and how his struggles have helped him to find ways to make money:

ZU: When did you join ZU and which Course are you doing?
Ayollo: I joined ZU in May 2015 to pursue a Diploma in Communication and Media studies.

ZU: Which campus do you study at?
Ayollo: I study the Zetech Thika Road Campus

ZU: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Ayollo: I am a stand-up comedian, actor and script writer; I own Huge Laughter entertainment and run the Stupid Challenge Show on YouTube.

ZU: Initially, you experienced challenges in paying for your fees, please tell us a bit about this story?
Ayollo: Before I enrolled, my parents had some struggles raising my fees because none of them is employed, I decided to apply for a loan @Eclof Micro- finance Kenya after deferring one semester. I am grateful to God that I was able to complete my Diploma course although I am yet to clear the loan.

ZU: Amazing determination. What challenges have you overcome to realize your university education dream?
Ayollo: I have overcome a couple of challenges including excelling in my exams which was a hard task as I missed several classes, but I thank God I managed. I have also conquered the fear of rejection sometimes when it comes to stage performance as I am an entertainer.

ZU: Tell us more about this, what are you into?
Ayollo: I realized I am a talented creative. I started a YouTube Channel, ‘Ayolloh Comedian’, with an aim of marketing myself, creating jobs for other actors, comedians, videographers and editors. My dream is to make sure that my comedy show, The Stupid Challenge Show, is known worldwide.

ZU: That’s great, what kind of content do you feature?
Ayollo: We come up with stupid challenges and engage different people to record their reactions. We don’t touch or interfere with their personal lives; we challenge their psychology and get a glimpse how they run their day to day life. We also feature models, bouncers, actors, comedians and Deejay’s.

ZU: When did you start and how has the market responded?
Ayollo: I started a couple of months ago and my audience enjoys watching my clips. The channel has picked up, I haven’t hit my target but I hope to soon.

ZU: What is the whole process, from concept to uploading?
Ayollo: I come up with an idea, note it down, draft and later write a synopsis. This later assists me in generating a good script. I have great camera personnel from Zetech who are supportive to ensure the project succeeds, who work with me to record. We shoot on weekly basis; thereafter I edit and upload the clips.

ZU: What challenges have you overcome in setting up the channel?
Ayollo: Initially, I never thought about YouTube and its audience. I had no idea on how to upload a video, edit my content before uploading and monetization too. I did my research and talked to other youtubers, then, I got it right.

ZU: What support have you gotten from ZU in pursuit this dream?
Ayollo: The university supported me through letting me access resources such as equipment and the editing suite, after training me on communication studies. Moreover, it has given me opportunities to perform during social activities and I’m confident this support will continue.

ZU: Many young people want to make some money but don’t know where to start. What is your advice to them?
Ayollo: Don’t be in a hurry to get that 1000 Bob in your pocket, first craft your ideas, build a pillar of support, let people know what you can do for them, then engage. All you need is a positive mind.

ZU: Anyone in life you look up to? Mentors are important for success.
Ayollo: A good friend of mine, Mr. Bee, who exposes me to different people and teaches me how to navigate the entertainment Industry. I also look up to Mr. Macharia, a lecturer at ZU.

ZU: What is your overall dream, once you’re done with your ZU studies?
Ayollo: Once I’m done with my studies, I hope to continue running my company as well as other businesses.

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