Zetech Sparks Captain talks academics and her love for basketball

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  • January 18, 2017

It is a lovely Wednesday morning when we take time to speak to a young lady who has taken the Kenyan basketball courts by storm as a result of excellent form and her role in leading her team of great players to secure a spot in the Kenya women’s Basketball Premier. Lucy Mbithe, a Business Student at Zetech University and the Basketball captain of the Zetech Sparks Basketball Squad, talks to us about her education, hobbies and love for the game:

ZU: What course are you taking?
Lucy: I am doing a Diploma in Business Management and Administration at Zetech University.

ZU: Away from class, what are your favourite things to do?
Lucy: I love being on the basketball court, travelling, reading and socialising.

ZU: When did your love for basketball begin and why do you enjoy playing?
Lucy: It started back in 2010; I love the game because I find it interesting and it also challenges your brain because of the tactical elements of the sport.

ZU: You play for the Zetech Sparks, what position do you hold?
Lucy: I play as a shooting guard; the shooting guard’s main objective is to score points for his team. I am also the proud captain of the team.

ZU: The Sparks have beaten seasoned teams to gain entry into the National basketball league. As captain, how do ensure your team maintains excellent form?
Lucy: We work as family, on and away from the field. This helps us stay united on the court and work hard together to win games. I use this tactic so that each individual will realize their impact on the ground. We also train intensively and each player does their best, always.

Zetech VC Prof. Wamukoya awards Lucy Mbithe with the Best Overall Female in Sports 2016 trophy, donated by KUSA

ZU: What can you say has basketball taught you?
Lucy: The game has taught me how best to interact with people of different characters and personalities; it has also entrenched in me discipline, team work, professionalism and commitment. I believe these lessons are important for me, in and out of the court.

ZU: Any basketball players you look up to? Who inspires you?
Lucy: Internationally, I admire Maya Moore and Candace Parker. Locally, I look up to Samba Mjomba. Moreover, our current Coach Maurice Obilo inspires us to excel in the game.

ZU: How do you do it? Balance your business studies with training and games almost every week?
Lucy: I’m committed to doing well both in my education and in the field. We train in the evening, so I ensure that during the day, I go to class, study and complete all my assignments.

ZU: How has the university supported your talent?
Lucy; I’m grateful to Zetech for the opportunity to grow my talent and the chance to represent them in the national leagues. I also appreciate the fact that I am on scholarship through which Zetech helps me meet my fee requirements, as a result for playing for the Sparks.

ZU: As we close, what do you hope to do when you are done with your studies?
Lucy: I am passionate about numbers so I would like to be an Accountant. In terms of basketball, I look forward to play with Zetech until Zone 5. I will be in the game for as long as I can.

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