Graduating Class Challenged to Stand Out in the Market

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  • December 8, 2016

November 29th 2016 marked an important date for thousands of graduands who had successfully completed their education at Zetech University. Absorbed in the colourful and charisma mood of the day, the graduating class was commended for their excellence, and urged to use the skills and knowledge gained to stand out.

Speaking to the graduands at the main campus graduation square, the varsity Founder and Board of Trustees Chairman Eng. Ken Mbiuki encouraged the learners to prepare themselves to fight for their place in a competitive world. He noted that the institution has played its part in crafting a curriculum that adequately grooms students for the market and it is now the graduands hands to apply the knowledge,

“This graduation is a turning point in your life; do not let anything stand in your way. I am a living testimony that hard work and commitment pays, if you have a vision and employ the passion required, you will without a doubt make it in life., He said, adding, “as Zetech University strides towards bigger dreams of reaching as many students across the continent and the world, I wish the same for each one of you, that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.”
He further called on the young minds to be solution-driven and create businesses that will change the country for good, in line with the graduation theme of the day hinged on technology and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Eng. Ken Mbiuki commented on the projected growth of the university, highlight efforts to grow our course offerings and building capacity to meet increasing demand for education in this country. “We have put systems in place, such as ISO 9001:2008 certification to scale up quality delivery of service and the required Biometric system to ensure our internal and incoming customers are satisfied. As a trainer in technology, we will sustain incorporating of the latest in IT to boost educational training as we move into 2017.” He remarked.

Indeed, the day was filled with a spirit of inspiration structured to drive the graduating students to start on their dreams and make a difference, just as they were trained to at Zetech University.

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