Facilities Key to Exceptional Student Learning Experience

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  • June 27, 2018

According to research, it has been found that students place value on facilities provided for their campus experience. The need for expansive and well managed facilities plays a role in providing the ideal learning environment and allowing students to effectively undertake not only their studies, but other campus activities.

At Zetech University, the leadership highly esteems the place for an exceptional learning environment, with a consistent commitment to invest in infrastructure as well as enhance the facilities already in place.

This week, we focus on the Communications and Media department that seeks to produce highly motivated and qualified trainees who can be easily absorbed in the contemporary media industry. The student is introduced to the history of media and how it connects with the modern day industry.
The department is furnished with modern facilities designed to aid the students to enjoy theory and practical studies at the campus. The varsity boasts of radio and TV studios, Recording Booth, Control and an Editing Suite. The students also access equipped computer labs and the University modern library to enable them to achieve academic excellence.

Our news rooms are well equipped with facilities comparable to a commercial broadcasting organization. In the Radio studio, students are exposed to the needs of a demanding radio studio through which students can broadcast the Zetech FM shows and news items. The sound proof studio is kitted with necessary resources such as radio mixers, microphones, cue speakers, audio cables, computers, among other equipment, to provide hands-on training to our learners. Aspiring editors and radio hosts also interact with the recording booth and editing suite to learn how to edit and put together content for listeners.

Students who have covered the basics of the media course and have majored in TV have access to a furnished TV studio to effectively equip trainees for the market. Aspiring TV camera men and ladies, editors and producers get to interact with the high end cameras, tripods, studio lights, green screens, Camera Jibs, Camera Cranes and Camera Booms and learn how to operate and manage the equipment while aspiring presenters and reporters learnt to use the microphones, lights, news desks, Teleprompters and software available to create compelling content that is newsworthy and interesting for viewers. In addition, the students engage with the latest sound editing and sound mixing soft ware software in the established recording booth and editing suite to package creative content and plan for programming.

According to Head of Department, Shadrack Ngao, the Department is committed to ensure learners not only grasp theory concepts but also apply the knowledge gained through use of the equipment available.

Feature by Veronica Wambui

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